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Garden Section : Mediterranean Basin
Garden Subsection : Canary ""Evergreen Laurel"" (MDB4)

Anagyris latifolia Papilionaceae Canary Islands.Rare in the wild but of garden merit.
Apollonias barbujana Lauraceae Canary Islands.Forest zone & on cliffs.
Arbutus canariensis Ericaceae Laurel & pine forests of the Canary Islands.
Argyranthemum broussonetii Compositae Canary Islands
Argyranthemum teneriffae Compositae Canary Islands
Artemesia canariensis Compositae Canary Islands.Frequent shrub in dry lower zone,50-700m.Canary Islands
Artemesia thuscula Compositae
Bituminaria bituminosa Papilionaceae Common thoughout E.Med.Stony slopes or near water.
Chamaecytisus proliferus Papilionaceae Canary Islands.Forest zone.
Cistus symphitifolius Cistaceae Canary Islands
Echium webbi Boraginaceae Canary Islands
Laurus nobilis Lauraceae Mediterranean
Lavandula canariensis Labiatae
Myrsine africana Myrsinaceae
Periploca laevigata Asclepiadaceae
Persea indica Lauraceae Azores
Salvia canariensis Labiatae

Garden Subsection : Canary Pine Belt (MDB3)

Anacyclus radiatus Compositae W.& C.Med.Rare in Israel.
Bencomia brachystachya Rosaceae Canary Island
Bencomia caudata Rosaceae Canary Islands.Forest cliffs 600-1500m.
Hypericum canariense Hypericaceae
Isoplexis canariensis Scrophulariaceae Canary Islands.
Juniperus cedrus Cupressaceae
Laurus azorica Lauraceae Azores and Canary Islands
Pinus canariensis Pinaceae
Teline stenopetala Papilionaceae

Garden Subsection : Canary Scrub (MDB5)

Asparagus scoparius Liliaceae Canary Islands.Common in lower zone to 700m.
Bupleurum salicifolium Umbelliferae Canary Islands.Forest cliffs to 1000m.
Cheirolophus canariensis Compositae Canary Islands.
Dracaena draco Agavaceae Canary Islands.
Euphorbia balsamifera Euphorbiaceae Northwest Africa ,Canary Islands
Euphorbia canariensis Euphorbiaceae Canary Island
Euphorbia obtusifolia Euphorbiaceae Canary Island,Morocco
Phoenix canariensis Palmae
Spartocytisus filipes Papilionaceae

Garden Subsection : Conifer Forests of the Atlas Mts. (MDB1)
Cedrus atlantica Pinaceae Atlas Mts.N.Africa

Garden Subsection : East Mediterranean Decidous Oak Woodland (MDC2)

Acer obtusifolium Aceraceae E. Med. scrub. Found in the Galilee and Mt Hermon.
Clematis vitalba Cistaceae Europe,Lebanon,Caucasus,N.Iran
Cyclamen hederifolium Primulaceae N Med. - SE France to the Balkans & W Turkey. Med. scrub and shrubbery. Rocky places 0-1300m. Blooms usually before leaves in Autumn. Leaves ivy-like.
Cyclamen rhoflesianum Primulaceae Mediterranean Lybia
Fraxinus ornus Oleaceae S Europe& Turkey. Aromatic white flowers unique for ash species. Autumn foliage.
Genista aetnensis Papilionaceae Sardinia,Sicily
Gonocytisus pterocladus Papilionaceae
Lilium candidum Liliaceae Rare along the mt ranges from Turkey to N.Israel.Rocks & cliffs.A sacred plant in Christian tradition.
Quercus cerris Fagaceae
Rosa micrantha Rosaceae

Garden Subsection : East Mediterranean Evergreen Woodland (MDC3)

Arbutus andrachne Ericaceae E.Med.(Israel to Crete).Common in evergreen forest, 500-1200m.Autumn flowering tree with edible fruit.
Bilacunaria boissieri Umbelliferae E.Mediterranean
Ceratonia siliqua Caesalpiniaceae Med.Dry rocky places,scrub.The large seeds were the original " carats " used by jewellers.Pods used to make carob chocolate.
Crataegus aronia Rosaceae Arid Med.areas.Fruit edible,tastes like apple.
Crataegus azarolus Rosaceae S. Europe, N. Africa, W. Asia
Crataegus brevispina Rosaceae Mediterranean
Hedera helix Araliaceae Europe, reaches its S range in Israel
Hyacinthus orientalis Liliaceae C & S Turkey, NW Syria, Lebanon & N Israel. Ornamental, essential flower oil used in perfumery. Protected in Israel
Iris planifolia Iridaceae
Narcissus serotinus Amaryllidaceae Widespread around the Mediterranean.Rocky coasts.Rare & protected in Israel.
Origamnus dictamnus Labiatae Crete. Water saving herb
Paeonia mascula Paeoniaceae
Pancratium parviflorum Amaryllidaceae Dist: E Med. from Israel to S Turkey. Blloming in Sept. Oct.
Phlomis fruticosa Labiatae E Mediterranean
Phlomis viscosa Labiatae
Quercus ithaburensis Fagaceae Dist: Israel, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria. Lowland open forests.
Quercus lanuginosa Fagaceae
Quercus look Fagaceae Turkey,Syria,N.Iran,Iraq.
Quercus trojana Fagaceae SE.Europe - W. Turkey.
Styrax officinalis Styracaceae

Garden Subsection : East Mediterranean Garigue & Batha (MDC4)

Ebenus creticus Papilionaceae Endemic to Crete.Rocky habitats,cliffs & dry slopes.
Eriolobus trilobatus Rosaceae Mediterranean
Fontanesia phillyreoides Oleaceae China
Jasminum fruticans Oleaceae
Mandragora autumnalis Solanaceae
Olea europea sylvatica Oleaceae W Mediterranean
Periploca graeca Asclepiadaceae Italy,Balkans & Turkey.Woodland,thickets & riverbanks.Vigorous twining deciduous shrub.
Pistacia lentiscus Anacardiaceae
Pistacia terebinthus Anacardiaceae Mediterranean, NE. Africa
Urginea maritima Liliaceae Mediterranean, penetrating the deserts. Planted for bordering agricultural fields. The bulb is used medicinally.

Garden Subsection : East Mediterranean Montane Conifer Belt (MDC1)
Cedrus brevifolia Pinaceae Cyprus mountains
Cedrus libani Pinaceae Lebanon,NW Syria,SC Turkey
Cupressus sempervirens Cupressaceae Crete,Rhodes,Turkey to Iran,naturalized in Mediterranean
Juniperus macrocarpa Cupressaceae
Juniperus oxycedrus Cupressaceae
Lathyrus latifolius Papilionaceae
Pinus mugo Pinaceae
Quercus alnifolia Fagaceae

Garden Subsection : Iberian Deciduous Vegetation (MDA2)
Cercis siliquastrum Caesalpiniaceae E.Med.Greece to Israel.In the Christian tradition this is the tree upon which Judah Iscariot hung himself.
Cistus heterophyllus Cistaceae SE Spain & NW.Africa.
Crataegus monogyna Rosaceae
Lygos monosperma Papilionaceae
Lygos sphaerocarpa Papilionaceae
Narcissus tazetta Amaryllidaceae
Paeonia peregrina Paeoniaceae
Prunus spinosa Rosaceae
Prunus ursina Rosaceae SW Asia. Maquis and open steppe forests. Scattered in N Israel
Quercus canariensis Fagaceae N. Africa, Iberian Peninsula
Quercus coccifera Fagaceae
Quercus faginea Fagaceae NW.Africa,Spain, Portugal.
Quercus pyrenaica Fagaceae
Retama sphaerocarpa Papilionaceae
Rhamnus lycioides Rhamnaceae

Garden Subsection : Iberian Evergreen Woodland (MDA3)
Anacamptis pyramidalis Orchidaceae Med.woodland
Bupleurum fruticosum Umbelliferae W.& C.Med.Scrub,rocky places,usually on calcareous soils.One of the largest species in this genus.Unlike most members of the carrot family this plant has undivided leaves.
Buxus sempervirens Buxaceae S.Europe,W.Asia,N.Africa.Grown in gardens since medieval times,often for hedging & topiary..
Calicotome villosa Papilionaceae Med. shrubberies.Spreads strongly after fires.
Cistus monspeliensis Cistaceae Common in W.Med.Rocky scrub.
Cistus tauricus Cistaceae S.Europe
Cneorum tricoccon Cneoraceae Med.Spain eastwards to Italy.Rocky scrub or woodland.Evergreen shrub.
Coronilla glauca Papilionaceae Mediterranean,N.Africa
Coronilla valentina Papilionaceae Mediterranean,S.Portugal
Ilex aquifolium Aquifoliacae Europe to N Africa & W Asia. Deciduous temperate forest. Branches with berries are a traditional symbol of Xmas.
Myrtus communis Myrtaceae
Narcissus papyraceus Amaryllidaceae
Paeonia cambessedesii Paeoniaceae Dist:Endemic to the Balearic Islands.Tufted perennial of shrubby & rocky places.
Pancratium balearicum Amaryllidaceae Canary Island, W. Africa
Phillyrea argentifolia Oleaceae
Phillyrea latifolia Oleaceae
Pinus pinaster Pinaceae
Pistacia palaestina Anacardiaceae E. Mediterranean & Arabia
Pyrus elaeagrifolia Rosaceae
Pyrus pyraster Rosaceae
Quercus rotundifolia Fagaceae NW Africa and Iberia. Close to Q. ilex
Quercus suber Fagaceae N.Africa, S. Europe
Rhamnus alaternus Rhamnaceae
Ruscus aculeatus Liliaceae Mediterranean.Thickets,dry banks & limestone.Traditional use of evergreen stems for wreath & for broom making.
Ruta corsica Rutaceae
Ruta macrophylla Rutaceae
Spartium junceum Papilionaceae Dist: Med. Shrubbery and scrub.
Viburnum tinus Caprifoliaceae

Garden Subsection : Mediterranean Hydrophytic Community (MDC5)
Cynara cardunculus Compositae Mediterranean. Progenitor of edible artichocke
Fraxinus syriaca Oleaceae E.Mediterranean & SW. Asia.Rare plant in Israel.Along streams.
Liquidambar orientalis Hamamelidaceae
Nerium oleander Apocynaceae Mediterranean
Quercus calliprinos Fagaceae Dist:E.Med.Dominant in Med.Scrub.
Salix acmophylla Salicaceae
Vitex agnus-castus Verbenaceae S Europe to W Asia. Common in Israel. Used medicinally

Garden Subsection : Mediterranean Ornamental Display (MDOR)
Agrostemma githago Caryophyllaceae Mediterranean, penetrating to Europe in agricultural fields. Almost extinct in Israel
Anarrhinum bellidifolium Scrophulariaceae SW Europe
Cistus creticus Cistaceae Widespread in Med.region scrub.Exudes a gum,Ladanum,used in perfumes & medical pastes.
Euphorbia dendroides Euphorbiaceae Mediterranean. Very rare in Mt Carmel
Glaucium grandiflorum Papaveraceae W Asian perennial. Cultivated in this garden
Iris unguicularis Iridaceae
Lavandula multifida Labiatae
Lavandula stoechas Labiatae
Lavatera trimestris Malvaceae Mediterranean. Annual, common in Israel
Linaria maroccana Scrophulariaceae N Africa. Annual ornamental
Phlomis brachyodon Labiatae
Phlomis lanata Labiatae
Scilla hyacinthoides Liliaceae Mediterranean

Garden Subsection : Submontane North African Vegetation (MDB2)
Paliurus spina-christi Rhamnaceae Spain to C Asia & China. Rare in Israel

Garden Subsection : West Mediterranean Garigue (MDA4)
Anthyllis barba-jovis Papilionaceae E.Spain to Greece,Crete & NW Africa.Shrub of rocky,coastal habitats.
Arbutus unedo Ericaceae S.Europe,SW. Ireland,Asia Minor.Evergreen woodland,rocky hillsides.
Artemesia arborescens Compositae E.Med.to S.Italy & Corsica.
Calendula suffruticosa Compositae W Mediterranean
Castanea sativa Fagaceae Med.to Caucasus.Woodland,on well drained acidic soils.Grown in Botanic Garden from seeds obtained from natural stand on limestone area in S.France.
Chamaerops humilis Palmae Iberian Peninsula & N.Africa,eastwards to Italy,Malta.Scrub,sandy & stony habitats,generally close to coast.One of two palms native to Europe.Cultivated for ornamental value.
Cistus albidus Cistaceae W.Med.species from N.Africa to Italy.Scrubberies.Belongs to Rockrose family.
Cistus ladanifer Cistaceae SW. Europe,N.Africa.Aromatic & very sticky shrub
Cistus laurifolius Cistaceae SW. Europe
Cistus psilosepalus Cistaceae Portugal & W.Spain.
Cistus villosus Cistaceae S.Europe
Cotinus coggygria Anacardiaceae SE.France to Turkey.Open woodland & scrub on limestone soil.Common name derived from thread like sterile flower branches
Erica arborea Ericaceae SW Europe,Mediterranean,N.Africa
Erica patersonia Ericaceae S.Africa
Genista ferox Papilionaceae N. Africa
Genista linifolia Papilionaceae Spain,France,Balearic Islands.Scrub & open woodland.
Genista monosperma Papilionaceae Spain, N. Africa
Juniperus phoenicea Cupressaceae
Juniperus thurifera Cupressaceae
Lavatera arborea Malvaceae
Lavatera maritima Malvaceae
Lonicera etrusca Caprifoliaceae
Myrica faya Myricaceae
Pinus pinea Pinaceae
Quercus ilex Fagaceae
Retama monosperma Papilionaceae
Ruta graveolens Rutaceae
Salvia brachyantha Labiatae
Vitis vinifera Vitaceae

Garden Subsection : West Mediterranean Montane Coniferous Forest (MDA1)

Abies pinsapo Pinaceae S.Spain.Mountains.
Acer granatense Aceraceae S.Spain,Majorca.Mountain regions.
Cotoneaster nebrodensis Rosaceae W. Mediterranean.
Prunus prostrata Rosaceae
Tetraclinis articulata Cupressaceae SE Spain,N.Africa.Hot dry areas