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Garden Section
Garden Subsection : Geophyte collection (BULB)

Allium phanerantherum Liliaceae Israel to Iran.
Colchicum autumnale Liliaceae E Med. - Israel to S Turkey & Cyprus
Cyclamen cilicicum Primulaceae S Turkey
Iris reticulata Iridaceae Caucasus to Turkey
Lachenalia mathewsii Liliaceae S Africa
Lapeirousia anceps Iridaceae S Africa
Leucojum serotinum Amaryllidaceae W Mediterranean
Moraea polystachya Iridaceae S Africa
Narcissus bulbocodium Amaryllidaceae W Mediterranean
Narcissus moschatus Amaryllidaceae W Europe
Tulipa orphanidea Liliaceae Fields and stony places in Greece, Crete, Bulgaria and W Turkey

Garden Subsection : Collection (Coll)

Aesculus indica Hippocastanaceae Temperate deciduous forests on the Himalayan foothills, up to 3000m. Seed oil applied externally in the treatment of rheumatism.
Cissus tweediana Vitaceae S America
Melia azedarach Meliaceae Iran to China, Japan and Australia. Deciduous garden tree
Paulownia tomentosa Scrophulariaceae C&W China

Garden Subsection : Garden Ornamental Display (DSPL)

Alcea rosea Malvaceae Balkans. Ornamental.
Amygdalus communis Rosaceae Med. Mountain scrub. Early flowering, deciduous. Cultivated in ancient times.
Anemone coronaria Ranunculaceae Mediterannean
Bellis perennis Compositae Perennial ornamental. Europe to W Asia. Reaches its s range in Israel. Medicinal.
Celosia spicata Amaranthaceae Tropical. Common name refers to flowers massed in upright plumes.
Centaurea cyanoides Compositae Protected in Israel. Cultivated first in the Jerusalem Botanical Garden and used as an ornamental since. Common in the E Med.
Chrysanthemum paludosum Compositae Spain & Portugal
Cotyledon orbiculata Crassulaceae Dry areas of the southern Cape of S Africa
Cyclamen persicum Primulaceae E Med. Common and protected in Israel. Most cultivated cyclamens originate from this species
Euryops speciosissimus Compositae South Africa - N Cape. Rocky, sandstone slopes.
Geum chiloense Rosaceae Chile, perennial
Glaucium flavum Papaveraceae Mediterranean coasts. Endangered in Israel
Hibiscus trionum Malvaceae Tropics. Found also in fields in Israel
Lathyrus odoratus Papilionaceae Ornamental originating in Crete, Italy and Sicily
Leucophyllum frutescens Scrophulariaceae S North America. Water saving, summer blooming ornamental
Lobularia maritima Cruciferae S.Europe
Lupinus pilosus Papilionaceae Med. Ornamental annual. Protected in Israel. Cultivated in this garden
Macfadyena unguis-cati Bignoniaceae C America to Argentina
Matthiola bicornis Cruciferae Mediterranean
Medicago sativa Papilionaceae Originating in S Europe & W Asia. Widespread worldwide as fodder plant
Nelumbo nucifera Nymphaeaceae Tropical Asia to Japan and Australia.
Papaver somniferum "hybrid" Papaveraceae Ornamental originating in the W Mediterranean
Papaver umbonatum Papaveraceae E Med. Annual. Very common throughout Israel. Cultivated as a garden plant
Passiflora caerulea Passifloraceae Brazil
Pisum elatior Papilionaceae Mediterranean annual, close to the garden pea. Cultivated in this garden
Prunus campanulata Rosaceae S China, S Japan & Taiwan. Hill forests below 600m. Very ornamental.
Psyllostachys suworowii Plumbaginaceae C Asia, Iran and N Afghanistan
Ricotia lunaria Cruciferae E Med. Annual. Forming carpets between rocks and in gravel.
Salvia coccinea Labiatae Tropical S America
Silene aegyptiaca Caryophyllaceae E Med. Annual. Olive groves, fields and batha. Cultivated in this garden as an ornamental.
Silene armeria Caryophyllaceae Balkans.
Silene coeli-rosa Caryophyllaceae Large-flowered annual
Silene palaestina Caryophyllaceae Endemic to the Coastal Israel, where it grows on sand and chamra. Cultivated in this garden
Sphaeralcea ambigua Malvaceae S USA & Mexico
Sprekelia formosissima Amaryllidaceae Dry winter areas in S America
Zinnia angustifolia Compositae SE USA & Mexico
Zinnia elegans Compositae Mexico