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Garden Section : South Africa
Garden Subsection : Afro-alpine temperate forest (SAA4)

Buddleja saligna ( Loganiaceae) - S Africa: Cape Province. Margins of wooded areas & exposed, rocky slopes. Used for nectar in bee apiary. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_1209005029.phtml?pix=21&p_ident=lalbum_1209005029.p_0502225243

Calpurnia aurea Papilionaceae east S. Africa.Forest, forest margins & stream vegetation. One of the first S African plants to be grown as an ornamental in Europe.

Dais cotinifolia ( Thymelaeaceae) - E. Southern Africa.Evergreen,riverine & scrub forest,rocky mt. slopes.Genus name refers to torch like shape of flower stalks & bracts .Bark can be stripped & plaited into a good quality rope. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_1209005029.phtml?pix=38&p_ident=lalbum_1209005029.p_0502225243

Dovyalis caffra ( Flacourtiaceae) - E.Southern Africa.Coastal forest,bushveld & riverine thicket.Fruit is edible & makes excellent jam & jelly.
Elaeodendron capense Celastraceae E.Southern Africa.Margins of evergreen forest,in wooded ravines & valleys.0-900m. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_1209005029.phtml?pix=39&p_ident=lalbum_1209005029.p_0502225243

Halleria lucida Scrophulariaceae E.Southern Africa,Cape Province.Forest & grassland,along streams.The Zulus call it "birds" beer" with the nectar laden flowers attracting birds.
Hippoestes aristata Acanthaceae South Africa

Nuxia floribunda Loganiaceae E. S.Africa.Evergreen montane forests & along high-lying rivers.Wood used in carpentry.Bark used medicinally.

Podocarpus falcatus ( Podocarpaceae) - E.Southern Africa.Afromontane forest & coastal swamp forest.Pale yellow wood highly prized for furniture.Is the tallest indigenous S.African forest tree. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_1209005029.phtml?pix=74&p_ident=lalbum_1209005029.p_0502225243

Podocarpus latifolius Podocarpaceae E.southern Africa.Afromontane & coastal forest.Highly valued pale yellow wood for furniture.

Garden Subsection : Bushy flora of the Cape area (SAF1)

Agapanthus africanus Liliaceae S. Africa. Rocky ,sandstone slopes of the southern Cape. Ornamental.
Agathosma ciliaris Rutaceae Cape Peninsula of S.Africa.Coastal flats & lower sandstone slopes.

Amaryllis belladonna (Amaryllidaceae) - S Africa: rocky habitats in SW & S.Cape. Blooming without leaves in late summer and autumn, hence its common name. Ornamental bulb. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_2511000651.phtml?pix=90&p_ident=lalbum_2511000651.p_2511000736

Anchusa capensis Boraginaceae SW.S.Africa.Drier regions.Sandy flats,often on disturbed sites .
Anisodontea capensis ( Malvaceae) - Cape Province of S.Africa.Arid,upper slopes.
Arctotis acaulis Compositae Cape Province of S Africa.Clay,granite flats & limestone.
Arctotis stoechadifolia Compositae South Africa
Bulbinella latifolia Liliaceae SW South Africa. Seasonally damp sandstone or granite.
Coleonema pulchrum Rutaceae SW Cape of S.Africa.Endemic evergreen shrub with aromatic feathery,heath like foliage.
Didelta carnosa Compositae Cape Province to SW.S.Africa.Coastal dunes & sandy flats.
Dietes bicolor Iridaceae S.Africa
Dimorphotheca nudicaulis Compositae Cape Province,S.Africa
Dimorphotheca sinuata Compositae S.Africa
Elegia capensis Restionaceae Cape Province,S.Africa.Grows by streams.
Erica chloroloma Ericaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Coastal limestone.
Erica glandulosa Ericaceae S.Africa
Erica scoparia Ericaceae SW France,Spain,N.Africa,Canary Islands

Eriocephalus africanus ( Compositae) - Cape Province,SW.Africa.Kapok means snow in Africaans,referring to the fluffy seed heads. A tea is made from the leaves & the plant is used traditionally as a medicine. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_1209005029.phtml?pix=41&p_ident=lalbum_1209005029.p_0502225243

Euryops pectinatus Compositae Cape Province,S.Africa.Rocky,sandstone slopes.Ornamental.

Felicia amelloides ( Compositae) - Cape Province,S.Africa

Ferraria uncinata Iridaceae South Africa. Flowers bad scented, attracting flies, mimicking asclepiad flowers
Freesia corymbosa Iridaceae S Africa. Winter blooming bulb. Flowers scented

Gazania rigens ( Composita) - S Africa. Perennial

Geissorhiza splendidissima Iridaceae S Africa - plains in SW Cape
Gladiolus orchidiflorus Iridaceae South Africa
Gladiolus sculyi Iridaceae South Africa
Gladiolus tristis Iridaceae S Africa - clay flats of SW Cape
Haemanthus coccineus Amaryllidaceae South Africa
Hermania stricta Sterculiaceae S Africa
Hesperantha vaginata Iridaceae SW.S.Africa.Grows on heavy,clay soils.
Homeria collina Iridaceae Cape province in S Africa
Homeria comptonii Iridaceae SW.Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows on dry slopes.

Kiggelaria africana ( Flacourtiaceae) - E.southern Africa,Cape
Province.Evergreen woodland,exposed rocky slopes,in deep rich soils near water.Wood used to make agricultural implements & furniture..

Leucadendron laureolum Proteaceae
Leucadendron linifolium Proteaceae
Leucadendron salignum Proteaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Used in the local flower industry with many hybrids & cultivars.
Leucospermum patersonii Proteaceae S.Africa
Limonium peregrinum Plumbaginaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows in sandveld.
Myrica quercifolia Myricaceae W.S.Africa.Grows on sandflats & slopes.

Nylandtia spinosa ( Polygalaceae) - SW. S.Africa to E Cape Province.Sandy flats & slopes. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_1209005029.phtml?pix=69&p_ident=lalbum_1209005029.p_0502225243

Olea africana ( Oleaceae) - Widespread in Cape Province,SW.S.Africa,E.Southern Africa.Woodland,stream banks,rocky slopes.Extensively used for furniture & ornaments.Grafts of the cultivated olive tree can be successfully grafted on to this closely related species.http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_1209005029.phtml?pix=68&p_ident=lalbum_1209005029.p_0502225243

Orphium frutescens Gentianaceae W. Cape Province.Grows om coastal sands & pans.
Pelargonium peltatum Geraniaceae S. Africa
Pelargonium zonale Geraniaceae S. Africa
Plumbago zeylanica Plumbaginaceae
Polygala virgata Polygalaceae SW.Cape Province of S.Africa.Leaves & stem used in traditional medicine.
Protea obtusifolia Proteaceae Cape Province.Coastal fynbos,dense stands on limestone hills & flats.Ornamental.
Protea susannae Proteaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Coastal flats & hills.
Psoralea pinnata Papilionaceae S.Africa - Cape Province.Leaflets aromatic when crushed.
Relhania squarrosa Compositae Cape Province of S.Africa.Sand,clay slopes and flats.
Rhamnus prinoides Rhamnaceae E.Southern Africa.Forest margins,scrub forest,grassland,along stream banks.Root & leaves used medicinally.Ornamental.
Rhus lancea Anacardiaceae Southern Africa,Tropical Africa.Riverbanks & streams,open grassland.Bark used for tanning.Fruit pounded with water & brewed into a tasty beer.
Salvia africana lutea Labiatae S Africa
Virgilia oroboides Papilionaceae Cape Province.Forest margins,streamsides.Sea level to 1200m.Ornamental

Widdringtonia nodiflora ( Cupressaceae) - Cape Province,E.Southern Africa.Grows at high altitude in mt.regions.Wood used in hut construction. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_1209005029.phtml?pix=89&p_ident=lalbum_1209005029.p_0502225243

Garden Subsection : East African coastal grove (SAW2)

Asparagus densiflorus Asparagaceae E South Africa
Barleria obtusa ( Acanthaceae) - Subtropical E South Africa. Hills & forest margins. Leaves browsed by buck.

Cyrtanthus mackenii Amaryllidaceae S Africa
Euclea divinorum Ebenaceae E.southern Africa,Tropical Africa.Bushveld,brackish floodplains,river banks,terrmitaria.Fruit & root used medicinally & in ink & dye production.
Galpinia transvaalica Lythraceae
Gardenia thunbergia Rubiaceae "South Africa
Grewia occidentalis Tiliaceae E.Southern Africa.River & stream banks,woodland margins,exposed rocky slopes.Important in traditional medicine.
Heteromorpha arborescens Apiaceae South Africa
Phoenix reclinata Palmae
Polygala myrtifolia Polygalaceae Cape Province,E.Southern Africa.Coastal dune bush,forest margins,often along streams.Widely cultivated as an ornamental.
Tecomaria capensis Bignoniaceae east S.Africa.Ornamental climber ,widely cultivated in warm climates..

Garden Subsection : Rock & sand deserts (SAK3)

Acacia karroo Mimosaceae S.Africa.Savanna & coastal dunes.Bark used in tanning,rope making & production of edible gum.The root is used in traditional medicine.
Aloe dichotoma Liliaceae W S.Africa.Desert & semi-desert- rocky ridges.The soft branches were once used as quivers for arrows.
Aloe ferox Liliaceae Cape Province,S.Africa. Leaf sap is harvested commercially for pharmaceutical preparations.
Aloe mitriformis Liliaceae SW.Cape of S.Africa.Most typical of the creeping aloes occuring in flat,rocky places.
Cotyledon orbiculata Crassulaceae S.Cape of S.Africa.Grows in dry areas.
Daubenya aurea Liliaceae S Africa. The flower is actually an inflorescence, composed of many flowers
Diospyros lycioides Ebenaceae Trop.Africa,E.S. Africa.Open grassland,wooded rocky slopes,riverbanks.Fruit edible & the roasted seeds can be used as a coffee substitute.
Euryops multifidus Compositae SW.& S.Cape Province of S.Africa.
Haemanthus albiflos Amaryllidaceae South Africa. Evergreen bulb.
Hesperantha cucullata Iridaceae SW.S.Africa
Ixia scillaris Iridaceae Cape Province in South Africa. Sand & clay flats & slopes.
Maytenus heterophylla Celastraceae SW Cape Province of S.Africa.
Nymania capensis Meliaceae SW.South Africa.Hot,semi-desert areas,often along watercourses.
Pappea capensis Sapindaceae E.& S. S.Africa.Wooded grassland,bushveld.Heavily browsed by game & stock.Jam made from edible,fleshy seed covers.An oil is used medicinally & for soap making.
Ziziphus mucronata Rhamnaceae E.Southern Africa,Tropical Africa,SW. S.Africa.Open grassland,riverine areas,wooded & drier rocky slopes.Leaves browsed by stock & game.Widely used for magical ,medicinal ,& traditional religious purposes.

Garden Subsection : Savannah flora & bush deserts (SAV5)
Acacia albida Mimosaceae S.Africa & Trop.Africa, disjunct populations occur in Israel. Bushveld on alluvial floodplains,riverbanks & swamps. Pods eaten by stock. Bark used medicinally.
Acacia gerrardii Mimosaceae East S.Africa,Tropical Africa & Arabia.Desert & Savanna.In Israel found in the S.Negev.Bark used medicinally & to make twine.
Acacia robusta Mimosaceae E.Africa.Bushveld & grassland.
Acacia sieberiana Mimosaceae E South Africa. Open scrub, grassland & along rivers. Pods eaten by stock & game.
Acacia xanthophloea Mimosaceae E.Southern Africa.Open scrub,river banks & low lying swamp areas which are an ideal breeding ground for malarial mosquitoes,hence the common name.
Albizia harveyi Mimosaceae Tropical Africa. Low altitude woodland.
Aloe marlothii Liliaceae Bophuthatswana
Aloe vera Liliaceae Middle East & Canary Isles, naturalized elsewhere. Aloe gel, formed from fleshy inner part of leaves, is used in health, cosmetics & food (tonics) industries.
Asparagus virgatus Liliaceae S. Africa
Bauhinia galpinii Caesalpiniaceae E South Africa. Bushveld & thicket. Rocky areas or near streams. Branches used for baskets & roof trusses
Bauhinia tomentosa Caesalpiniaceae Tropical Africa and Asia
Bolusanthus speciosus Papilionaceae E South Africa. Woodland & wooded grassland. Root & bark used medicinally.
Carissa macrocarpa Apocynaceae E.Southern Africa.Coastal bush, never far from the sea.Whole fruit is edible & rich in vitamins.
Celtis africana Ulmaceae E South Africa & Cape Province. White wood has unpleasant smell when cut, hence the common name. Wood believed to have protective, magical properties.
Clerodendrum glabrum Verbenaceae E.Southern Africa.Bushveld & forest margins.The flowers attract numerous insects,particularly butterflies.Leaves used medicinally for a range of treatments.
Combretum bracteosum Combretaceae E. S Africa. Dune forest or margins of evergreen forest, seldom far from the sea.
Combretum erythrophyllum Combretaceae E.Southern Africa.Along riverbanks.Browsed by giraffe & elephant.Wood used as a general purpose timber & gum from stems used as a varnish.
Combretum krausii Combretaceae E. S.African forests.Young pliable stems used in basket making. Medicinal uses.
Combretum mossambicense Combretaceae Tropical Africa.Low altitude bushveld & thicket,often near rivers or on termitaria.
Cordia caffra Boraginaceae E South Africa. Coastal evergreen forests & scrub.
Cussonia paniculata Araliaceae E.Southern Africa,Cape Province.Sheltered & exposed rocky slopes or in open grassland.Good stock food.
Cussonia spicata Araliaceae E.Southern Africa,Cape Province.Rocky outcrops,wooded grassland,montane forests.Leaves browsed by stock.Root is poisonous & used medicinally.
Dombeya burgessiae Sterculiaceae E.Southern Africa.Forest margins & in rocky places in high- rainfall regions.The bark is used for fibre.An attractive garden plant.
Dombeya kirkii Sterculiaceae E.Southern Africa,Tropical Africa.Low-altitude bushveld,usually in riverine thicket.
Encephalartos transvenosus Zamiaceae NE.Southern Afica.Forest margins & in bushveld,on rocky hillsides.The fleshy outer layer of the seeds is eaten by children.
Erythrina lysistemon Papilionaceae E.southern Africa.Bushveld,coastal scrub.Seeds contain toxic alkaloids & anti bloodclotting substances used in the treatment of thromboses.
Erythrophysa transvaalensis Sapindaceae C.Southern Africa.Bushveld,on rocky ridges.The seeds are used as beads.
Eucomis undulata Liliaceae S Africa
Euphorbia mauritanica Euphorbiaceae SW.& S.Cape Province of S.Africa.Often grows on rocky outcrops.
Ficus capensis Moraceae C to S Africa
Ficus ingens Moraceae E.Southern Africa,Tropical Africa.Bushveld,grassland-in frost protected sites.Leaves are toxic to livestock,causing nervous disorders.Figs eaten by birds,monkeys & baboons.
Ficus salicifolia Moraceae Tropical Africa.Bushveld,rocky hills & ravines, along streams.Leaves are toxic,causing disorders & even death in cattle.
Kniphofia caulescens Liliaceae
Kniphofia ensifolia Liliaceae
Kniphofia linearifolia Liliaceae
Kniphofia rufa Liliaceae
Kniphofia snowdeni Liliaceae
Kniphofia uvaria Liliaceae SW.S.Africa.Seeps,marshes & streams on sandstone slopes,usually in peaty soils.Ornamental.
Olinia emarginata Oliniaceae
Peltophorum africanum Caesalpiniaceae Tropical Africa.Bushveld,sandy soils.Common name derived from phenomena in nature, of sap sucking insects on the branches excreting water .,making the tree appear to weep.
Podranea brycei Bignoniaceae Bushveld.NE. S.Africa.Robust woody climber.Ornamental with terminal panicle flowers.
Rhus burchellii Anacardiaceae Dist:south west S.Africa.Rocky hills in Karoo savanna.Branches used to make bows for arrow shooting.
Rhus dentata Anacardiaceae E.Southern Africa.Sheltered sites in grassland, forest margins,scrub forest & bushveld.Plant browsed by game.Ornamental.
Rhus glauca Anacardiaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Mainly on coastal dunes.
Rhus leptodictya Anacardiaceae C.& E.southern Africa.Bushveld & grassland,rocky,granite ridges.Beer is brewed from the fruit.Plant used in traditional medicine.
Rhus pentheri Anacardiaceae
Rhus rhombocarpa Anacardiaceae
Rhus undulata Anacardiaceae SW.S.Africa.Semi desert & karoo areas.Leaves used in traditional medicine.
Schotia afra Caesalpiniaceae .S.Africa.Valley bushveld .Leaves browsed by stock.Mature seeds edible- can be roasted & ground to a meal.
Schotia brachypetala Caesalpiniaceae E S.Africa.Bushveld,scrub forest,riverbanks ,temitaria.Bark used medicinally & for tanning.
Strelitzia juncea Strelitziaceae
Strelitzia nicolai Strelitziaceae
Sutera grandiflora Scrophulariaceae
Sutherlandia frutescens Papilionaceae SW.& S.Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows in dry areas.
Terminalia argentea Combretaceae

Garden Subsection : South Africa Ornamental Display (SAOR)
Ceratotheca triloba Pedaliaceae E.Cape province of S Africa. Annual or biennial herb used in traditional medicine.
Gazania krebsiana Compositae S. Africa
Geissorhiza tulbaghensis Iridaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Flowers are fragrant in the evenings.
Hibiscus pedunculatus Malvaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows in coastal forest.
Hypericum loepericum Hypericaceae
Ixia viridiflora Iridaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows on lower mt.slopes
Ornithogalum dubium hybrid Liliaceae S Africa. Cultivated in Israel
Ornithogalum nova Liliaceae S Africa
Pelargonium aridum Geraniaceae E.Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows as tuberous perennial
Phylica oleaefolia Rhamnaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows on rocky slopes.
Phylica pulmosa Rhmnaceae Cape Province of S.Africa
Plectranthus fruticosus Lamiaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Forest & scrub.
Protea cynaroides Proteaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Moist sandstone slopes.
Rhus batophylla Anacardiaceae
Schotia microphylla Caesalpiniaceae
Xanthocercis zambesiaca Papilionaceae