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Garden Section : Southwest & Central Asia
Garden Subsection : Central Asia Ornamental Display (ITOR
Celtis australis Ulmaceae S Europe, N Africa, Middle East & W Asia. Drought resistant shade tree.
Celtis caucasica Ulmaceae Caucasus, Asia Minor to Afghanistan. Steppe deciduous forests. 0-2500m.
Cornus darvasica Cornaceae C. Asia
Fritillaria persica Liliaceae Israel to Turkey and Iran. Flowers pending, protecting pollen from rain. Protected plant in Israel.
Hermodactylus tuberosus Iridaceae Crete to Turkey
Iris atrofusca Iridaceae Steppes and semi-desert in Israel. Protected.
Iris bismarckiana Iridaceae N. Israel and S. Lebanon. Found first near Nazareth.
Iris haynei Iridaceae
Iris magnifica Iridaceae Russia
Iris regelia Iridaceae
Iris suaveolens Iridaceae SE Europe & NW Turkey.
Lotus corniculatus Papillionaceae Europe & Asia, naturalised U.S.
Pelargonium mascatense Geraniaceae
Pyrus bourgaeana Rosaceae W.Spain, Portugal & Morocco.
Quercus brutia Fagaceae
Rhamnus globosa Rhamnaceae
Rosa rubiginosa Rosaceae Europe, N Africa & W Asia, naturalised N America.
Rosa tianschanica Rosaceae
Rosa villosa Rosaceae C&S Europe, Asia Minor & Caucasus.
Salvia bracteata Labiatae Middle East. Extinct in Israel. Last specimens collected in Jerusalem and grown here.
Salvia glutinosa Labiatae Europe to W Asia.
Salvia sclarea Labiatae Europe to C Asia. Rare in N Israel.
Saponaria officinalis Caryophyllaceae Europe to SW Asia
Tulipa agenensis Liliaceae E.Med.Protected plant in Israel.
Tulipa systola Liliaceae Israel to Iran. Semi-desert. Protected plant in Israel.

Garden Subsection : Mountainous forest of Central Asia (ITM5)
Acer ginnala Aceraceae China,Japan.Deciduous woodland.Young leaves used as a tea substitute.Dyes obtained from the dried leaves.
Acer opalus Aceraceae S Europe. Moist oak and beech forests.
Acer semenovii Aceraceae Turkmenistan. Steppe open forests in valleys & gravelly mt. slopes, 700-3000 m.
Acer turkestanicum Aceraceae Afghanistan,Turkestan: Tien Shan & Pamir Alai ranges. Deciduous tree of mountain forests. 950-2700m.
Berberis amurensis Berberidaceae Korea and Manchuria. Thickets, woodland margins & streambanks. Berberine present in rhizomes of Berberis species has antibacterial effects.
Berberis heteropoda Berberidaceae Turkestan. Early summer flowering deciduous shrub.
Berberis nummularia Berberidaceae Turkestan & N Iran.Decidous shrub.
Berberis oblonga Berberidaceae Turkestan
Berberis turcomanica Berberidaceae Turkestan, N. Iran & Armenia.
Berberis wilsoniae Berberidaceae E Asia to W China. Deciduous shrub. Attractive red fruit. Yellow dye obtained from root.
Betula platyphylla Betulaceae Japan. Deciduous tree. Attractive autumn foliage.
Cercis griffithii Caesalpiniaceae Afghanistan to Caucasus.Very similar to Cercis siliquastrum of the Med.scrub,except smaller in dimensions.
Cotoneaster hissarica Rosaceae Central Asia
Cotoneaster saxatilis Rosaceae C. Asia
Cotoneaster songaricum Rosaceae C. Asia
Crataegus ferganensis Rosaceae C. Asia
Crataegus remotilobata Rosaceae C. Asia
Crataegus songarica Rosaceae W Asia. Fruits red
Exochorda korolkowii Rosaceae C Asia
Juglans regia Juglandaceae Balkans to mts.of W.Asia.Brought by the Romans to Europe.Walnuts are widely cultivated ,being a rich nutritional source.Walnut wood is used in furniture making.
Koelreuteria paniculata Sapindaceae N .China & Korea. Decidous tree with large inflated papery fruit capsules.
Ligustrum tschonoskii Oleaceae Japan
Limonium gmelinii Plumbaginacedae E. Europe to Siberia.
Lonicera mackii Caprifoliaceae Asia
Lonicera X amoena Caprifoliaceae Hybrid
Lonicera x bella Caprifoliaceae Former USSR.Hybrid deciduous shrub
Lycium flexicaule Solanaceae
Malus cerasifera Rosaceae NE Asia to N China. Also known as M. baccata var. mandschurica.Very early flowering & fruiting.
Malus cerasifolia Rosaceae NE Asia to N China. Also known as M. baccata var. mandschurica.Very early flowering & fruiting.
Malus kirghisorum Rosaceae
Malus pallasiana Rosaceae NE Siberia.Mongolia,N.China.Most northerly flowering & hardiest crab apple.Used extensively in modern hybridization programs.
Malus x scheidekeri Rosaceae Garden hybrid of two crabapples (from NE Asia & Japan).
Malus xpurpurea Rosaceae Garden hybrid.
Pinus pityusa Pinaceae
Pyrus amygdaliformis Rosaceae S.Europe,Asia Minor.Dry ,rocky,open habitats.The small hard fruits are inedible.
Pyrus korschinskyi Rosaceae Turkestan.
Pyrus tadschikistanica Rosaceae
Quercus pedunculiflora Fagaceae Bulgaria to C Turkey. Close to Q. robur. Drought resistant
Rhamnus parvifolius Rhamnaceae
Rosa eglanteria Rosaceae
Syringa afghanica Oleaceae N Afghanistan and neighbouring regions.
Ulmus humilis Ulmaceae E. Siberia, N. China & Turkestan.
Ulmus parvifolia Ulmaceae China, Japan & Korea
Ulmus pumila Ulmaceae C and E Asia

Garden Subsection : Open steppes & forests of the Anatolian Heights (ITA1)
Achillea coarctata Compositae Balkans
Amygdalus webbii Rosaceae Med. from Sicily to Turkey. The western most almond species.

Garden Subsection : Open steppes & forests of the Anatolian Heights (ITA1)
Anagyris foetida Papilionaceae Med.& SW Asia.Scrub,dry calcareous soils.Summer decidous shrub,with evil smelling flowers in winter.
Artemisia argentea Compositae Mediterranean
Artemisia gmelinii Compositae S.Russia to Siberia & NE Asia.
Celtis tournefortii Ulmaceae SE Europe to Asia Minor. 300-2300m. Dry warm mt slopes. Drought tolerant ornamental with attractive autumn foliage
Cerasus mahaleb Rosaceae Europe to Caucasus
Cerasus microcarpa Rosaceae SW Asia
Colutea cilicica Papilionaceae W & C Asia, including Mt Hermon
Crataegus microphylla Rosaceae Anatolia
Crataegus pontica Rosaceae Turkey, fruits yellow and edible
Dianthus anatolicus Caryophyllaceae Turkey, cultivated successfully in the Jerusalem Botanical gardens
Iris schachtii Iridaceae Central Asia
Lonicera iberica Caprifoliaceae C Asia and S Caucasus Mts
Pinus nigra Pinaceae S. Europe
Prunus divaricata Rosaceae Asia Minor & Caucasus
Pyrus salicifolia Rosaceae SE. Europe, Asia Minor & Caucasus.
Pyrus syriaca Rosaceae Cyprus, Turkey to Israel.Small,usually thorny,deciduous tree. In Israel grows in moist Med.woodland from Judean Hills to Galilee.Used as rootstock for cultivated pear.
Quercus brantii Fagaceae SW.Asia, Kurdestan,Iran.Mountain forests.Ground acorns used to make flour for baking & the cupules are utilized in tanning.
Quercus hartwissiana Fagaceae Mixed woodland in E.Balkans,Turkey to Caucasus. Very similar to English & Durmast oaks.
Quercus pubescens Fagaceae Europe to Turkey & Crimea
Rosa canina Rosaceae Common in Europe and W Asia, reaches its S range in Israel.
Sternbergia clusiana Amaryllidaceae Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria & Iran. Cultivated here.
Sternbergia colchiciflora Amaryllidaceae Mediterranean to Himalaya. Rare in Israel
Sternbergia lutea Amaryllidaceae Mediterranean. Often planted in monasteries and churches
Tulipa greigii Liliaceae C Asia. Leaves purple marked

Garden Subsection : Park forests of the Zagros mountains (ITZ2)
Iris mesopotamica Iridaceae E .Med. Planted by locals in cemeteries. Wild populations found in Mt Hermon.
Lonicera caucasica Caprifoliaceae Caucasus, NE Anatolia & N Iran. Conifer & mixed broadleaf moist forests around 1000m. Deciduous shrub.
Malus orientalis Rosaceae Armenia.
Pistacia atlantica Anacardiaceae N Africa to Himalaya. Grows in dry places in Israel.
Pistacia mutica Anacardiaceae
Quercus libani Fagaceae Open steppe forests in the E.Med.Reaches its southern range in Mt Hermon (N Israel).
Rosa kurdistana Rosaceae

Garden Subsection : Sand deserts of Central Asia (ITD4)
Halimodendron halodendron Papilionaceae Europe, Turkey, to C & SW Asia.
Tamarix ramosissima Tamariaceae E Europe to C and E Asia.

Garden Subsection : Steppe forest of Kopet Dag (ITK6)
Amygdalus bucharica Rosaceae Tadzhikistan & Uzbekistan. Stony slopes and sandy areas. 1000-1800m. Fruit used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
Amygdalus lederbouriana Rosaceae C.Asia.
Amygdalus spinosissima Rosaceae Turkey to Iran & Transcaspia. Dry, warm sandy, clayish slopes, 300-1800m.
Atraphaxis spinosa Polygonaceae SE Europe to W Asia (inc. Mt Hermon in Israel). Tragacanthic mt vegetation.Manna like substance eaten as a food or used in making sweetmeats.
Clematis songarica Ranunculaceae Mongolia, S Siberia & Turkestan
Crataegus turkomanica Rosaceae C Asia
Elaeagnus angustifolia Elaeagnaceae W Asia. Rare and random in Israel
Eremostachys laciniata Labiatae E.Med. & W & C Asia. Semi-steppe perennial with woolly flowers.
Ficus carica Moraceae W.Asia - Caucasian Mts. to Arabian deserts.The first fruit tree mentioned in the Bible.One of the Seven species of the Land of Israel.
Limonium globularifolium Plumbaginaceae Med.
Lonicera hispida Caprifoliaceae Turkestan to W.China.Upright decidous shrub.
Lonicera muscaviensis Caprifoliaceae Deciduous shrub,nursery hybrid ,developed in N.Czechoslovakia in the late 1800"s.
Lycium barbarum Solanaceae SE Europe to China. Decidous shrub. Used medicinally & a rich source of vitamins.
Philadelphus brachybotrys Saxifragaceae SE. China.
Pistacia vera Anacardiaceae C.Asia.The progenitor of Pistachio.
Pyrus boissierana Rosaceae
Quercus boissieri Fagaceae E.Mediterranean,from Israel to S.Turkey.Frequent in N.Israel,becoming very rare southwards.
Rhamnus dolichophylla Rhamnaceae
Rhamnus pallasii Rhamnaceae Steppes of NE Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan & NW Iran.