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Garden Section : Australia & New Zealand
Garden Subsection : Australian Ornamental Display (AUOR)

- Galenia secunda (Caryophyllaceae) - Australia (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=103&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Grevillea johnsonii Proteaceae Australia
Kunzea baxteri Myrtaceae
Laurentia axillaris Campanulaceae Australia

Garden Subsection : Bushy Eucalyptus flora (AUM4)

Cassia sturtii (Caesalpiniaceae) - Widespread throughout inland Australia. Some forms very decorative & make ideal garden shrub (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=72&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Dodonaea lobulata Sapindaceae Australia.Semi arid regions,on rocky hills,slopes and ridges.

- Eucalyptus calycogona (Myrtaceae) - Widespread species occurring in semi arid regions of Ausralia.Sandy or gravelly loams.Useful for honey production. (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=62&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_3112002513

Eucalyptus camaldulensis Myrtaceae Widespread in Australia.Can grow in areas of 300mm av. annual rainfall.Buds have characteristic beak shape.This species was used to drain the swamps in Hadera.
Eucalyptus campaspe Myrtaceae W.Australia
Eucalyptus eremophila Myrtaceae West Australia
Eucalyptus gracilis Myrtaceae Australia
Eucalyptus gunnii Myrtaceae Tasmania,Australia
Eucalyptus incrassata Myrtaceae Australia
Eucalyptus oleosa Myrtaceae S.Australia
Eucalyptus porosa Myrtaceae Southern Australia.A spreading mallee or tree on gentle slopes & along drainage channels.Grows in a wide range of soils.Plants valued for apiary.
Eucalyptus rudis Myrtaceae W.Australia
Melaleuca acuminata Myrtaceae Widespread throughout Australia.Sand & loam soils.Often as understorey plant in mallee or woodland.

Garden Subsection : Flora of Southeast Australia & Tasmania (AUE5)

Acacia floribunda Mimosaceae E Australia. Species name derived from abundant flowers.Widely cultivated ornamental.
Angophora cordifolia Myrtaceae E.Australia
Banksia ericifolia Proteaceae East Australia
Banksia integrifolia Proteaceae Widespread in eastern Australia & Tasmania. Coastal areas and adjacent tablelands, on poor soils. Annual rainfall range 800-1200mm.
Banksia marginata Proteaceae SE. Australia
Banksia occidentalis Proteaceae East Australia
Banksia ornata Proteaceae Southeast Australia
Banksia repens Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia serrata Proteaceae East Australia
Bursaria spinosa Pittosporaceae Australia
Conospermum taxifolium Proteaceae E.Australia
Eucalyptus viminalis Myrtaceae Australia
Hakea carinata Proteaceae S.Australia.
Hakea microcarpa Proteaceae E.Australia
Hakea sericea Proteaceae E.Australia
Hakea teretifolia Proteaceae Southeastern Australia,common species of damp heathland.
Isopogon dawsonii Proteaceae E.Australia
Kennedia rubicunda Papilionaceae E.Australia
Melaleuca diosmifolia Myrtaceae SW. W.Australia.Coastal habitat among granite rocks.Nectar feeding birds visit the flowers.
Melaleuca halmaturorum Myrtaceae S Australia.Often grows in saline areas that are subject to flooding for extended periods.

Garden Subsection : Flora of Southwest Australia (AUW2)

- Acacia glaucoptera (Mimosaceae)- SW Australia. Heath & Mallee scrub. Species name derived from the thick, blue-green flattened stems forming alternate wings,that take the place of true leaves . (photo) http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=0&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_3112002513

Acacia imbricata Mimosaceae South Australia
Acacia lasiocarpa Mimosaceae South West Australia

- Acacia pendula (Mimosaceae) - E Australia. Rich soils in semi-arid areas: shrublands, grasslands & low open woodlands. Attractive timber, drought resistant ornamental. (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=7&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_3112002513

Actinostrobus pyramidalis Cupressaceae Sandy soils of SW West Australia.
Adenanthos sp. Proteaceae Endemic genus, mostly confined to SW corner of West Australia. Sandy to rocky places. Common names derived from description of flower shape & hairy foliage.
Agonis flexuosa Myrtaceae SW West Australia. Coastal forests and woodland. Widely cultivated as an ornamental. Leaves aromatic.
Alyogyne hakeifolia Malvaceae Dry areas of S & W Australia. Ornamental.
Alyogyne hugelii Malvaceae S & W Australia. Rocky hillsides and gorges. Ornamental.
Banksia attenuata Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia baxteri Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia hookeriana Proteaceae W Australia. Open thickets, in sandy soil of the central coast with annual rainfall 600mm.
Banksia lehmanniana Proteaceae West Australia
Banksia littoralis Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia media Proteaceae W. Australia
Banksia petiolaris Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia praemorsa Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia prionotes Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia speciosa Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia sphaerocarpa Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Callistemon pallidus Myrtaceae Australia
Callistemon phoeniceus Myrtaceae Australia
Callistemon speciosus Myrtaceae Australia

Callitris huegelii (Cupressaceae) - Throughout inland Australia. Valued for its hardiness & used for timber.Ornamental (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=36&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_3112002513

Callitris preissii Cupressaceae Australia: Woodlands, on sand dunes,sandy soils near sea level in mallee regions.
Calothamnus quadrifidus Myrtaceae W Australia. One of 25 species in endemic genus confined to WA. Ornamental flowers on previous year"s growth.
Casuarina campestris Casuarinaceae SW West Australia. Prefers gravels & granites
Eremophila alternifolia Myoporaceae Central Australia
Eremophila bignoniiflora Myoporaceae Inland Australia ,on riverflats and creek banks in open woodland.Flowers similar to those of the genus Bignonia.
Eremophila divaricata Myoporaceae Eastern & southern states of Australia
Eremophila glabra Myoporaceae Australia
Eremophila laanii Myoporaceae Australia
Eremophila lehmanniana Myoporaceae Australia
Eremophila maculata Myoporaceae Australia
Eremophila youngii Myoporaceae Deserts of W.Australia
Eucalyptus caesia ssp. magna Myrtaceae Australia
Eucalyptus calophylla Myrtaceae SW.Australia
Eucalyptus corrugata Myrtaceae West Australia
Eucalyptus diversicolor Myrtaceae West Australia
Eucalyptus diversifolia Myrtaceae West Australia
Eucalyptus erythrocorys Myrtaceae W.Australia.Mallee to 6m ht.The cover of the bud is red ,hence its" species name.Rich in nectar.
Eucalyptus grossa Myrtaceae W.Australia.A small bushy mallee to 3m .On clay soils.The buds and fruit are thick and succulent,hence the species name.Used ornamentally.
Eucalyptus jacksonii Myrtaceae SW W.Australia.Valuable timber tree.Useful for honey production.
Eucalyptus kruseana Myrtaceae W.Australia.Small shrub or mallee to 4m.from arid region with av.annual rainfall 200mm.Cultivated for decorative branches and foliage.
Eucalyptus lansdowneana Myrtaceae S.Australia
Eucalyptus oldfieldii Myrtaceae SW W.Australia.Medium to tall mallee shrub or small tree ,3-8m.Plants are valued for honey production.
Eucalyptus preissiana Myrtaceae SW.Australia.Grows on poor soils-sand,clay.Av.annual rainfal 430mm.Used in flower arrangements.
Eucalyptus pyriformis Myrtaceae SW W.Australia.Heathland on the sandplains.Useful for honey production. Outstanding ornamental.
Eucalyptus spathulata Myrtaceae W.Australia
Eucalyptus tetragona Myrtaceae W.Australia
Eucalyptus torquata Myrtaceae W.Australia
Eucalyptus wandoo Myrtaceae SW.Australia.Semi arid areas with av. annual rainfall between 350-500mm.
Eucalyptus woodwardii Myrtaceae SW.Australia.Small tree to 9m ht.Sandy & clay soils.From arid region with av, annual rainfall of 200mm.Good honey tree.SW.Australia
Grevillea thelemanniana Proteaceae SW W.Australia.On moist,sandy soils.Dwarf to medium spreading shrub.Ornamental.
Hakea bakeriana Proteaceae E.Australia
Hakea laurina Proteaceae SW. W.Australia.Heathland & shrubland.A haven for nectar feeding birds and bees.
Hakea muelleriana Proteaceae S.Australia.
Hakea multilineata Proteaceae SW. W.Australia
Hakea orthorrhyncha Proteaceae W.Australia.Sandplains.Fruit with a swollen base,tapering to a long pointed beak,hence its common name.
Hakea scoparia Proteaceae W.Australia
Hakea verrucosa Proteaceae SW.W.Australia.Sandy loam,gravelly soils.Flowerheads change colour as they mature.
Hardenbergia comptoniana Papilionaceae SW. W.Australia.Forests and bushland.Outstanding climber of Jarrah & Karri forests.Ornamental.
Hibbertia cuneiformis Dilleniaceae SW Australia.Grows in coastal districts.Also common in Karri forests.
Kennedia nigricans Papilionaceae SW. W.Australia.Sandy soils in woodland & heathland,usually near coast.
Melaleuca cardiophylla Myrtaceae SW. W.Australia.Occurs on a range of soils which are often alkaline.
Melaleuca cuticularis Myrtaceae SW. W.Australia.Saline depressions & swamps.
Melaleuca decussata Myrtaceae Southern Australia.Grows on rocky outcrops & sandy flats near streams.
Melaleuca elliptica Myrtaceae Southern Australia. Grows in mallee scrubs.
Melaleuca gibbosa Myrtaceae E & S Australia.Grows in damp areas in heaths & open forests.
Melaleuca glaberrima Myrtaceae W.Australia.Sandy & loam soils often with a dry subsoil.Associated with other shrubs & mallee eucalypts.
Melaleuca huegelii Myrtaceae SW.W.Australia.Coastal limestone cliffs.Dwarf shrub to small tree.
Melaleuca incana Myrtaceae SW.W.Australia.Grows on wet,swampy areas of coast.
Melaleuca lanceolata Myrtaceae Southeastern Australia.Tall shrub or small tree ,a general component of open forest & shrubland.
Melaleuca lineariifolia Myrtaceae E Australia..Grows in low lying areas of open forests,around the margins of swamps & along streams.
Melaleuca megacephala Myrtaceae W.Australia.Small to medium shrub.Grows on sandplains.Species name derived from large prominent flowerheads.
Melaleuca nesophila Myrtaceae SW.W.Australia.Rare in nature.Coastal areas,offshore islands."Nesophila" means island loving;the species was first discovered on an island offshore from the WA mainland.
Melaleuca pentagona Myrtaceae
Melaleuca uncinata Myrtaceae All mainland states of Australia.Common name derived from practice of cutting stems for broom & fence making.
Melaleuca wilsonii Myrtaceae Southern Australia.Grows in mallee scrubs.Gravelly,sandy or clay soils
Myoporum parvifolium Myoporaceae Australia
Olearia axillaris Compositae
Pimelea ferruginea Thymelaeaceae W.Australia.Rocky headlands & sand dunes of coastal heath & shrubland.Outstanding ornamental.
Prostanthera behriana Labiatae S Australia.Erect shrub to 2m. One species of large genus of endemic Australian plants.
Rhagodia spinescens Chenopodiaceae Central Australia -Northern Territory.Aboriginal tribes used the fruits to make a red paint for the face.

- Templetonia retusa (Papilionaceae) - S.& W.Australia.Low open forests & mallee scrub in dry coastal & inland areas. (photo) http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=136&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Westringia fruticosa Labiatae Eastern Australia.Grows on heaths & windswept headlands of the coast.
Xanthorrhoea preissii Xanthorrhoeaceae SW. W.Australia.Widespread.One of the native plants which flower in response to fire.The bases of the leaves are sweet & nutty & the heart of the stem was also eaten.

Garden Subsection : Flora of the Australian deserts (AUD3)

Atriplex nummularia Chenopodiaceae Australia
Pittosporum phillyreoides Pittosporaceae Inland Australia.Mallee scrub & woodlands,in low lying areas along creek beds & sandy plains.

Garden Subsection : Tropical flora of North Australia (AUT1)

Acacia elata Mimosaceae E Australia

- Acacia fimbriata (Mimosaceae) - E Australia (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=6&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Acacia howitii Mimosaceae Victoria,Australia
Acacia melanoxylon Mimosaceae Australia

- Acmena smithii (Myrtaceae ) - E Australia. Coastal scrub & rainforest, to 1200m. Fruit used for jams & drinks. Attracts fruit eating birds and nectar feeders such as honeyeaters. (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=21&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Alectryon tomentosum Sapindaceae E states of Australia. Rainforest & coastal scrub.Ornamental.
Angophora costata Myrtaceae E.Australia

- Araucaria cunninghamii (Araucariaceae) - E.Australia (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=44&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

- Arytera divaricata (Sapindaceae) - SE Australia . Coastal rainforest. Flushes of new growth very decorative. (photo)http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_2511000651.phtml?pix=132&p_ident=lalbum_2511000651.p_2511000736

Brachychiton australis Sterculiaceae Dry areas of N.Queensland. Useful small ornamental tree for hot, dry climate areas.

- Brachychiton bidwillii (Sterculiaceae ) - Tropical E Australia. Scrub & rainforest. Flowers scarlet red, fruit large (photo)http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_2511000651.phtml?pix=132&p_ident=lalbum_2511000651.p_2511000736

- Brachychiton discolor (Sterculiaceae) - Tropical E Australia: coastal scrub & rainforest. Widely cultivated. (photo) http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=62&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Buckinghamia celsissima Proteaceae Tropical Australia

-Bursaria incana (Pittosporaceae) - Australia. Open woodland & dry scrub. "Bursa" in Latin alludes to purse like fruits. Flowers showy (photo) http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=68&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

- Callitris endlicheri (Cupressaceae) E Australia. Scattered on stony hills & sandy slopes. Ornamental. (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=35&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_3112002513

Casuarina stricta Casuarinaceae S Australia & Tasmania. Exposed coastal cliffs, dunes,and rocky outcrops. The hard wood was used by Aborigines for weapons. Archaeologists found a boomerang 10,000 years old made from this wood .
Erythrina vespertilio Papilionaceae Widespread in Australia.Open forests,rainforests and open country.Genus refers to the red coloured flowers ,whilst the species name refers to the bat shaped leaves.
Eucalyptus citriodora Myrtaceae Northeast Australia.Open forests and plateaus of coastal sub tropical regions with av. annual rainfall 500-1000mm.The strong lemon fragrance in the leaves is caused by the essential oil citronellal which is used to make perfumes & menthol.
Eucalyptus grandis Myrtaceae Australia
Eucalyptus populnea Myrtaceae E.Australia.Open woodlands of flat inland areas with av.annual rainfallof 450mm.
Eucalyptus pruinosa Myrtaceae N.Australia.A small tree to 7m.ht.Sandy or clay soils in areas with av. annual rainfall less than 350mm.Tree used for honey production and foliage used for decoratiion.
Eucalyptus torrelliana Myrtaceae NE Australia.Moist forests,rainforest margins.Flowers attract nectar eating birds.
Flindersia australis Rutaceae Northeastern Australia.Rainforests along the coast.Valued as a timber,especially for flooring.
Gossypium sturtianum Malvaceae Mainland Australia. Arid, rocky & sandy sites. Flower emblem of Northern Territory.Related to the cultivated cotton.Widespread in mainland states of Aust.Arid,rocky& sandy sites in gorges and gullies.

- Grevillea pinnatifida (Proteaceae) - NE.Australia,extending to New Guinea.Rainforest species.With fragrant flowers attracting nectar feeding birds. (photo) http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=106&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Grevillea robusta Proteaceae NE Australia.Grows in rainforests.Popular ornamental native tree in Aust.Cut as a timber tree.Nectar rich flowers attract birds.

- Hymenosporum flavum (Pittosporaceae) - E.Australia.Open forests along stream banks & in coastal rainforest. (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=109&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

- Lagunaria patersonii (Malvaceae) - Norfolk Island,off coast of E.Aust. Widely cultivated along the coast throughout Aust. (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=112&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

- Livistona mariae (Palmae) Central Australia.A relict palm.Restricted to gorges, growing around permanent water..Aborigines once ate the central bud & young leaves. (photo) http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=116&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Lomandra longifolia Xanthorrhoeaceae E.Australia

- Lophostemon confertus (Myrtaceae) - E.Australia.Widespread on the margins of rainforest & eucalypt forests along the coast & tablelands.Commonly cultivated in Australia as a street tree. (photo)http://bob.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904210142.phtml?pix=116&p_ident=lalbum_0904210142.p_0201114925

Macadamia tetraphylla Proteaceae E.Australia.Rainforests.Is popular because of the sweet ,edible kernels of its nuts.
Macrozamia lucida Zamiaceae Widespread in tropical Aust.Open forest,rainforest & margins.Species name derived from crown of shining leaves.
Pandorea pandorana Bignoniaceae Widespread in Australia.Originally introduced from S.America.Widespread in wet,shady sites of the coast & tablelands.
Pittosporum rhombifolium Pittosporaceae Northeast Tropical Australia.Rainforests,preferring moist sites along the coast.Long -lasting orange berries of ornamental interest.
Pleiogynum timoriense Anacardiaceae Tropical Australiaъ, Philipines, Indonesia & New Guinea. Open forests, coastal scrubs & drier rainforests. Fruit is a popular item of bush tucker.
Radermachera frondosa Bignoniaceae Tropical SE Asia
Schefflera actinophylla Araliaceae N.Tropical Australia.Leaves resemble a wheel or umbrella ,hence its common name.
Stenocarpus sinuatus Proteaceae Eastern Australian rainforest.Tall tree to 30m.Ornamental.
Syncarpia glomulifera Myrtaceae Eastern Australian rainforest.Tall straight tree to 30m.
Syzygium malaccense Myrtaceae Northern Aust.-Qld to SE Asia.Tall tree to 25m. With globular edible fruits.
Toona australis Meliaceae Northeast Australia.Scattered in rainforests ,in moist gullies,along stream banks.Prefers rich soils of the coast & tablelands.Prized timber wood.
Viminaria juncea Papilionaceae Temperate E & S.Australia.Moist heaths,sandy soils,swampy coastal areas & adjacent lower mts.
Xanthostemon chrysanthus Myrtaceae Northern Australia - rainforests .