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Ulex europaeus Papilionaceae W Europe, common in Scotland
Ulex parviflorus Papilionaceae W.Europe (Portugal). Pastures & heaths, primarily along the coast.
Ulmus americana Ulmaceae E. N.America.Common on wet flats.Was prized as a street ornamental before the advent of Dutch Elm Disease.
Ulmus glabra Ulmaceae European woodlands. Wet wood used for boats, piers & furniture making. Inner bark used for mats & ropes.
Ulmus humilis Ulmaceae E. Siberia, N. China & Turkestan.
Ulmus parvifolia Ulmaceae China, Japan & Korea
Ulmus pumila Ulmaceae C and E Asia
Umbellularia californica Lauraceae Pacific coast of N.America - SW Oregon to S.California.Moist soils in mt.canyons & valleys.When crushed the leaves are pungently aromatic.
Urginea maritima Liliaceae Mediterranean, penetrating the deserts. Planted for bordering agricultural fields. The bulb is used medicinally.