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Tamarix ramosissima Tamariaceae E Europe to C and E Asia.
Taxodium distichum Taxodiaceae SE.USA.Swamps,riverbanks & floodplain lakes. Wood resistant to decay & used for heavy construction, bridges & boat building. Ornamental.
Taxus baccata Taxaceae Europe & Northern Africa
Tecoma sambucifolia Bignoniaceae
Tecomaria capensis Bignoniaceae east S.Africa.Ornamental climber ,widely cultivated in warm climates..
Teline stenopetala Papilionaceae
Templetonia retusa Papilionaceae S.& W.Australia.Low open forests & mallee scrub in dry coastal & inland areas.

Terminalia argentea Combretaceae
Tetraclinis articulata Cupressaceae SE Spain,N.Africa.Hot dry areas
Theobroma cacao Sterculiaceae Tropical America. Flowers and fruits on main trunk and branches
Thunbergia erecta Acanthaceae Tropical West Africa to South Africa bush
Thunbergia mysorensis Acanthaceae India. Inflorescence can reach 1 m long. Introduced to Israel in this garden
Tilia americana Tiliaceae :N.& C. N.America.Mixed deciduous forests.Economically important timber tree .
Tilia cordata Tiliaceae Woodlands of Europe.
Tilia platyphyllos Tiliaceae Europe to SW Asia European woodlands. Inner bark fibres used in basketry & ropemaking. Dried flowers used as a medicinal tea.
Tillandsia dyeriana Bromeliaceae Equador
Toona australis Meliaceae Northeast Australia.Scattered in rainforests ,in moist gullies,along stream banks.Prefers rich soils of the coast & tablelands.Prized timber wood.
Trigonella foenum-graecum Fabaceae Mediterranean annual, native in Israel. The seeds are good for preparing the spice known as "Hilbe". Medicinally they are effective in reducing sugar levels and high blood pressure. They also promote secretion of milk of nursing mothers, help to soothe m
Triticum dicocciodes Gramineae Fertile crescent - from Israel to Iran. The progenitor of durum wheat
Tulipa agenensis Liliaceae E.Med.Protected plant in Israel.
Tulipa greigii Liliaceae C Asia. Leaves purple marked
Tulipa orphanidea Liliaceae Fields and stony places in Greece, Crete, Bulgaria and W Turkey
Tulipa systola Liliaceae Israel to Iran. Semi-desert. Protected plant in Israel.