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Sabal palmetto Palmae SE.USA.Wetlands,neutral to alkaline soils.The terminal bud is edible & tastes like a cabbage.Leaves used to make canes,scrub brushes& baskets.Popular ornamental.
Salix acmophylla Salicaceae
Salix alba Salicaceae Eurosiberian to SW. Asia, incl.N.Israel . Riverbank & streams. Wood used in cellulose & paper industry. Bark used for tannins & salicin.
Salvia africana lutea Labiatae S Africa
Salvia apiana Labiatae Native to California.Dry slopes in coastal sage scrub,chaparral & yellow pine forests,below 1500m.Seeds were one component in pinole,a staple food of the Indians of the Pacific coast.
Salvia brachyantha Labiatae
Salvia bracteata Labiatae Middle East. Extinct in Israel. Last specimens collected in Jerusalem and grown here.
Salvia canariensis Labiatae
Salvia coccinea Labiatae Tropical S America
Salvia eigii Labiatae Endemic and rare in Israel
Salvia elegans Pineapple Lamiaceae Montane C Mexico and Guatemala
Salvia forskaohlei Labiatae SE Europe & W Asia
Salvia glutinosa Labiatae Europe to W Asia.
Salvia grandiflora Labiatae Mexico
Salvia mellifera Labiatae Native to California.Dry slopes in coastal sage scrub,chaparral & desert scrub.Seeds were parched & ground into a meal used in baking & crushed leaves & stems were used as a mint-flavored condiment.
Salvia microphylla Labiatae
Salvia munzii Labiatae Dist:Native to California.
Salvia officinalis Lamiaceae West mediterranean shrub. Sage foliage is used as a condiment. Medicinally it is effective in treating ailments of the mouth, throat and stomach. Sage is antiseptic and a potent anti-oxidant and it is beneficial for the prevention of over-perspiration, f
Salvia sclarea Labiatae Europe to C Asia. Rare in N Israel.
Sambucus caerulea Caprifoliaceae W.N.America -British Columbia to California.Woodland,stream banks,field margins.Leaves,bark,root used medicinally.Tea made from dried flowers.
Sambucus ebulus Caprifoliaceae Vigorous suckering perennial from S Europe through N Africa to Iran. Random and very rare in Israel
Sambucus nigra Caprifoliaceae Europe, NW Africa & SW Asia. Very rare in Israel. Forests, often near streams. Dried flowers, fruits & bark are used in medicine.
Sanchezia nobilis (=S. speciosa) Acanthaceae C & S America
Saponaria officinalis Caryophyllaceae Europe to SW Asia
Scadoxus multiflorus Amaryllidaceae S Africa to S Arabia. Shady places. Deciduous outdoor, evergreen indoor.
Schefflera actinophylla Araliaceae N.Tropical Australia.Leaves resemble a wheel or umbrella ,hence its common name.
Schotia afra Caesalpiniaceae .S.Africa.Valley bushveld .Leaves browsed by stock.Mature seeds edible- can be roasted & ground to a meal.
Schotia brachypetala Caesalpiniaceae E S.Africa.Bushveld,scrub forest,riverbanks ,temitaria.Bark used medicinally & for tanning.
Schotia microphylla Caesalpiniaceae
Scilla hyacinthoides Liliaceae Mediterranean
Sequoia sempervirens Taxodiaceae Coastal N.California & SW.Oregon.One of the world"s longest living (more than 2200 years) & tallest trees (to 110m.)
Silene aegyptiaca Caryophyllaceae E Med. Annual. Olive groves, fields and batha. Cultivated in this garden as an ornamental.
Silene armeria Caryophyllaceae Balkans.
Silene coeli-rosa Caryophyllaceae Large-flowered annual
Silene palaestina Caryophyllaceae Endemic to the Coastal Israel, where it grows on sand and chamra. Cultivated in this garden
Simmondsia chinensis Buxaceae
Solidago flexicaulis Compositae E .N.America
Solidago ohioensis Compositae
Solidago patula Compositae
Solidago speciosa Compositae C & E.USA
Solidago ulmifolia Compositae E & C. N.America
Sophora secundiflora Papilionaceae Dist:SW.USA,New Mexico,Texas & Mexico. Limestone soils .Ornamental tree.
Sorbus anglica Rosaceae Limestone soils in England & Ireland.
Sorbus aucuparia Rosaceae Europe to Turkey.Woods and scrubs on mt.slopes.Used in herbal medicine.
Sorbus domestica Rosaceae C&S Europe to N Africa & Turkey. Cultivated for ages for its fruit, which are pressed for juice.
Spartium junceum Papilionaceae Dist: Med. Shrubbery and scrub.
Spartocytisus filipes Papilionaceae
Sphaeralcea ambigua Malvaceae S USA & Mexico
Spiraea chamaedryfolia Rosaceae E Alps, Carpathians, Balkans to Siberia & C Asia.
Sprekelia formosissima Amaryllidaceae Dry winter areas in S America
Staphylea colchica Staphyleaceae W.Asia to SW.Caucasus.Forests to 1200m.Very ornamental.
Stenocarpus sinuatus Proteaceae Eastern Australian rainforest.Tall tree to 30m.Ornamental.
Sternbergia clusiana Amaryllidaceae Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria & Iran. Cultivated here.
Sternbergia colchiciflora Amaryllidaceae Mediterranean to Himalaya. Rare in Israel
Sternbergia lutea Amaryllidaceae Mediterranean. Often planted in monasteries and churches
Stevia rebaudiana Compositae E Asia. Leaves used as sweetener
Strelitzia juncea Strelitziaceae
Strelitzia nicolai Strelitziaceae
Strelitzia nicolai Strelitziaceae S Africa: Natal & NE Cape
Styrax officinalis Styracaceae
Sutera grandiflora Scrophulariaceae
Sutherlandia frutescens Papilionaceae SW.& S.Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows in dry areas.
Syncarpia glomulifera Myrtaceae Eastern Australian rainforest.Tall straight tree to 30m.
Syringa afghanica Oleaceae N Afghanistan and neighbouring regions.
Syringa vulgaris Oleaceae SE.Europe. Thickets,rocky places. Ornamental & widely naturalized.
Syzygium jambos Myrtaceae S China, SE Asia to Australia
Syzygium malaccense Myrtaceae Northern Aust.-Qld to SE Asia.Tall tree to 25m. With globular edible fruits.