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Radermachera frondosa Bignoniaceae Tropical SE Asia
Relhania squarrosa Compositae Cape Province of S.Africa.Sand,clay slopes and flats.
Retama monosperma Papilionaceae
Retama sphaerocarpa Papilionaceae
Rhagodia spinescens Chenopodiaceae Central Australia -Northern Territory.Aboriginal tribes used the fruits to make a red paint for the face.
Rhamnus alaternus Rhamnaceae
Rhamnus cathartica Rhamnaceae C.Europe,Balkans,Anatolia & N.Africa. A purgative made from the berries was used in the past.
Rhamnus dahuricus Rhamnaceae Siberia to N China. Grows well on poor or eroded soil.
Rhamnus dolichophylla Rhamnaceae
Rhamnus globosa Rhamnaceae
Rhamnus lycioides Rhamnaceae
Rhamnus pallasii Rhamnaceae Steppes of NE Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan & NW Iran.
Rhamnus parvifolius Rhamnaceae
Rhamnus prinoides Rhamnaceae E.Southern Africa.Forest margins,scrub forest,grassland,along stream banks.Root & leaves used medicinally.Ornamental.
Rheum officinale Polygonaceae Temperate Europe and Asia
Rhus aromatica Anacardiaceae Forested margins of the central grasslands of N.America.Open,rocky woodlands & valleys.Ornamental.
Rhus batophylla Anacardiaceae
Rhus burchellii Anacardiaceae Dist:south west S.Africa.Rocky hills in Karoo savanna.Branches used to make bows for arrow shooting.
Rhus choriophylla Anacardiaceae
Rhus copallina Anacardiaceae E.,SE & C. N.America.0pen uplands,valleys ,forest edges,grassland clearings.Planted as an ornamental for its shiny leaves & showy fruit.
Rhus dentata Anacardiaceae E.Southern Africa.Sheltered sites in grassland, forest margins,scrub forest & bushveld.Plant browsed by game.Ornamental.
Rhus glauca Anacardiaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Mainly on coastal dunes.
Rhus lancea Anacardiaceae Southern Africa,Tropical Africa.Riverbanks & streams,open grassland.Bark used for tanning.Fruit pounded with water & brewed into a tasty beer.
Rhus leptodictya Anacardiaceae C.& E.southern Africa.Bushveld & grassland,rocky,granite ridges.Beer is brewed from the fruit.Plant used in traditional medicine.
Rhus ovata Anacardiaceae California,Arizona & Mexico.Dry, rocky slopes below 800m.Oak woodland & chaparral.
Rhus pentheri Anacardiaceae
Rhus rhombocarpa Anacardiaceae
Rhus trilobata Anacardiaceae Widespread in west & central N.America.Dry rocky slopes, along streams & canyons.Fruit used by Inative Americans for foods, medicines & for preparation of lemonade like beverages. Pliable young stems were woven into baskets.
Rhus undulata Anacardiaceae SW.S.Africa.Semi desert & karoo areas.Leaves used in traditional medicine.
Ricinus communis Euphorbiaceae Medicinal & ornamental plant originating probably in tropical Africa
Ricotia lunaria Cruciferae E Med. Annual. Forming carpets between rocks and in gravel.
Robinia pseudoacacia Papilionaceae :Originally central Appalachian Mts.of E.USA. Expanded to many regions in the world, incl. Europe. Onamental.
Romneya coulteri Papaveraceae S.California.Chaparral, coastal sage scrub, in dry washes & canyons less than 1200m. The largest flower of all Californian natives.
Romulea phoenicia Iridaceae N Israel and Lebanon
Rosa canina Rosaceae Common in Europe and W Asia, reaches its S range in Israel.
Rosa eglanteria Rosaceae
Rosa glauca Rosaceae Mts of C&S Europe from the Pyrenees to Yugoslavia.
Rosa kurdistana Rosaceae
Rosa micrantha Rosaceae
Rosa multiflora Rosaceae Introduced in USA.Found on marginal sites ,open pastures.,streambanks & pond edges.
Rosa rubiginosa Rosaceae Europe, N Africa & W Asia, naturalised N America.
Rosa tianschanica Rosaceae
Rosa villosa Rosaceae C&S Europe, Asia Minor & Caucasus.
Rosmarinus officinalis Labiatae C to W Med. Aromatic leaves are used in cooking and traditional medicine.
Rubia tinctoria Rubiaceae Europe and W Asia. Very rare in Israel. Roots used for dye
Ruscus aculeatus Liliaceae Mediterranean.Thickets,dry banks & limestone.Traditional use of evergreen stems for wreath & for broom making.
Ruta corsica Rutaceae
Ruta graveolens Rutaceae
Ruta macrophylla Rutaceae