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Quercus alnifolia Fagaceae
Quercus boissieri Fagaceae E.Mediterranean,from Israel to S.Turkey.Frequent in N.Israel,becoming very rare southwards.
Quercus brantii Fagaceae SW.Asia, Kurdestan,Iran.Mountain forests.Ground acorns used to make flour for baking & the cupules are utilized in tanning.
Quercus brutia Fagaceae
Quercus calliprinos Fagaceae Dist:E.Med.Dominant in Med.Scrub.
Quercus canariensis Fagaceae N. Africa, Iberian Peninsula
Quercus castaneifolia Fagaceae N Iran & S Caucasus. Mixed deciduous forests. Closely related species in Algeria, Turkey & Japan.
Quercus cerris Fagaceae
Quercus chrysolepis Fagaceae Evergreen. Montame California & Mexico
Quercus coccifera Fagaceae
Quercus dumosa Fagaceae Common in Californian chapparal
Quercus faginea Fagaceae NW.Africa,Spain, Portugal.
Quercus freinetto Fagaceae SE Europe, often in heavy soils
Quercus hartwissiana Fagaceae Mixed woodland in E.Balkans,Turkey to Caucasus. Very similar to English & Durmast oaks.
Quercus ilex Fagaceae
Quercus infectoria Fagaceae NW Turkey, Cyprus & Greece
Quercus ithaburensis Fagaceae Dist: Israel, Jordan, Lebanon & Syria. Lowland open forests.
Quercus lanuginosa Fagaceae
Quercus libani Fagaceae Open steppe forests in the E.Med.Reaches its southern range in Mt Hermon (N Israel).
Quercus lobata Fagaceae Endemic to California.Rich soils of floodplains.Native Americans ground the acorns for meal.
Quercus look Fagaceae Turkey,Syria,N.Iran,Iraq.
Quercus macranthera Fagaceae Trans-Caucasus . Dry,stony,often steep southern slopes. 1000-2650m. Resistant to drought & low temp.
Quercus pedunculiflora Fagaceae Bulgaria to C Turkey. Close to Q. robur. Drought resistant
Quercus petraea Fagaceae Europe to Turkey, Caucasus & N Iran. Woods, 300-1300m. Used in furniture making. Bark rich in tannins & used in tanning & in herbal medicine.
Quercus pontica Fagaceae Armenia & Caucasus. Open woodland with rhododendrons & cherry laurel. Fertile, acidic soils.
Quercus pubescens Fagaceae Europe to Turkey & Crimea
Quercus pyrenaica Fagaceae
Quercus robur Fagaceae Mixed forests in Britain,Ireland,W.Europe & Turkey. Grows on well drained,fertile soils. Used for furniture & wine cask making.
Quercus rotundifolia Fagaceae NW Africa and Iberia. Close to Q. ilex
Quercus suber Fagaceae N.Africa, S. Europe
Quercus trojana Fagaceae SE.Europe - W. Turkey.
Quercus turbinella Fagaceae Californian Chapparal. Evergreen
Quercus velutina Fagaceae E & C. USA,Canada.On moist,rich,well drained sites.Wood used for furniture,flooring & interior finish.