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Paeonia cambessedesii Paeoniaceae Dist:Endemic to the Balearic Islands.Tufted perennial of shrubby & rocky places.
Paeonia mascula ( Paeoniaceae ) - (Photo)http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=56&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_1004232743
Paeonia peregrina Paeoniaceae
Paliurus spina-christi Rhamnaceae Spain to C Asia & China. Rare in Israel
Pancratium balearicum Amaryllidaceae Canary Island, W. Africa
Pancratium parviflorum Amaryllidaceae Dist: E Med. from Israel to S Turkey. Blloming in Sept. Oct.
Pandorea pandorana Bignoniaceae Widespread in Australia.Originally introduced from S.America.Widespread in wet,shady sites of the coast & tablelands.
Papaver somniferum "hybrid" Papaveraceae Ornamental originating in the W Mediterranean
Papaver umbonatum Papaveraceae E Med. Annual. Very common throughout Israel. Cultivated as a garden plant
Paphiopedilum niveum Orchidaceae East Asia
Paphiopedilum "Transvaal" Orchidaceae Hybrid
Pappea capensis Sapindaceae E.& S. S.Africa.Wooded grassland,bushveld.Heavily browsed by game & stock.Jam made from edible,fleshy seed covers.An oil is used medicinally & for soap making.
Passiflora alata Passifloraceae Trop.America
Passiflora caerulea Passifloraceae Brazil
Passiflora edulis Passifloraceae Ornamental climber with edible fruits
Paulownia tomentosa Scrophulariaceae C&W China
Pelargonium aridum Geraniaceae E.Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows as tuberous perennial
Pelargonium mascatense Geraniaceae
Pelargonium peltatum Geraniaceae S. Africa
Pelargonium zonale Geraniaceae S. Africa
Peltophorum africanum Caesalpiniaceae Tropical Africa.Bushveld,sandy soils.Common name derived from phenomena in nature, of sap sucking insects on the branches excreting water .,making the tree appear to weep.
Penstemon barbatus Scrophulariaceae SW.USA,N.Mexico
Penstemon gloxiniodes Scrophulariaceae
Periploca graeca Asclepiadaceae Italy,Balkans & Turkey.Woodland,thickets & riverbanks.Vigorous twining deciduous shrub.
Periploca laevigata Asclepiadaceae
Persea indica Lauraceae Azores
Pestemon ophianthus Scrophulariaceae W USA, Arizona, to 2000m
Petroselinum hortenso Umbelliferae S Europe, herb
Phalaenopsis amboinensis Orchidaceae Indonesia
Phalaenopsis equestris Orchidaceae Phillippines and Taiwan
Philadelphus brachybotrys Saxifragaceae SE. China.
Philadelphus caucasicus Saxifragaceae S Europe to Caucasus
Philadelphus lewisii Saxifragaceae Dist:NW.USA & S.Canada.Native Americans used the strong,hard branches to make bows & arrows, combs & tobacco pipes.
Philadelphus microphyllus Saxifragaceae Dist:W.N.America .Dry, rocky places & in pinyon-juniper woodland,1200-3000m.elevation. The leaves are rich in saponins - when crushed & mixed with water,they produce an effective cleaning lather.
Phillyrea argentifolia Oleaceae
Phillyrea latifolia Oleaceae
Phlomis brachyodon Labiatae
Phlomis fruticosa Labiatae E Mediterranean
Phlomis lanata Labiatae
Phlomis viscosa Labiatae
Phoenix canariensis Palmae
Phoenix reclinata Palmae
Phylica oleaefolia Rhamnaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows on rocky slopes.
Phylica pulmosa Rhmnaceae Cape Province of S.Africa
Physostegia virginiana Labiatae E North America. Ornamental
Pimelea ferruginea Thymelaeaceae W.Australia.Rocky headlands & sand dunes of coastal heath & shrubland.Outstanding ornamental.
Pinus canariensis Pinaceae (photo)
Pinus coulteri Pinaceae C & S. California,N.Baja California,Mexico.Has the heaviest cone of all pines in the world.American Indians once ate the large seeds,now squirrels & other wildlife consume the annual crop.
Pinus mugo Pinaceae
Pinus nigra Pinaceae S. Europe
Pinus pinaster Pinaceae
Pinus pinea Pinaceae
Pinus pityusa Pinaceae
Pinus ponderosa Pinaceae
Pinus radiata Pinaceae Native from California.Extremely rare in its native habitat.Cultivated for timber in Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,Chile, Spain, and the British Isles.
Pinus sabiniana Pinaceae Endemic to California.Oak woodlands,on exposed dry rocky slopes.Annual mean precipitation 530mm.Pine seeds were important in the diet of Californian Indians.
Pinus sylvestris Pinaceae Commonest pine in the world.Ranges from Scotland,entire Europe to N.Asia.Used medicinally.
Pinus torreyana Pinaceae Endemic to California.Restricted to coastal Torrey Pines State Reserve in San Diego County & Santa Rosa Island.It is the rarest pine in N.America.Widely planted as an ornamental & has been evaluated as a commercial species in Kenya,Australia & New Zealan
Piper nigrum Piperaceae S India & Sri Lanka. Naturalyzed in Assam
Pistacia atlantica Anacardiaceae N Africa to Himalaya. Grows in dry places in Israel.
Pistacia lentiscus Anacardiaceae
Pistacia mutica Anacardiaceae
Pistacia palaestina Anacardiaceae E. Mediterranean & Arabia
Pistacia terebinthus Anacardiaceae Mediterranean, NE. Africa
Pistacia vera Anacardiaceae C.Asia.The progenitor of Pistachio.
Pistia stratiotes Araceae possible from Lake Victoria, 1st rec. on the Nile
Pisum elatior Papilionaceae Mediterranean annual, close to the garden pea. Cultivated in this garden
Pittosporum phillyreoides Pittosporaceae Inland Australia.Mallee scrub & woodlands,in low lying areas along creek beds & sandy plains.
Pittosporum rhombifolium Pittosporaceae Northeast Tropical Australia.Rainforests,preferring moist sites along the coast.Long -lasting orange berries of ornamental interest.
Platanus orientalis Platanaceae E.Europe to W.Asia.Reaches its S.range in Israel.Large tree of wet places.Used for furniture making.
Plectranthus fruticosus Lamiaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Forest & scrub.
Pleiogynum timoriense Anacardiaceae Tropical Australiaъ, Philipines, Indonesia & New Guinea. Open forests, coastal scrubs & drier rainforests. Fruit is a popular item of bush tucker.
Plumbago zeylanica Plumbaginaceae
Podocarpus falcatus Podocarpaceae E.Southern Africa.Afromontane forest & coastal swamp forest.Pale yellow wood highly prized for furniture.Is the tallest indigenous S.African forest tree.
Podocarpus latifolius Podocarpaceae E.southern Africa.Afromontane & coastal forest.Highly valued pale yellow wood for furniture.
Podocarpus macrophyllus Podocarpaceae China,Japan
Podranea brycei Bignoniaceae Bushveld.NE. S.Africa.Robust woody climber.Ornamental with terminal panicle flowers.
Polemonium caeruleum Polemoniaceae N&C Europe to N Asia. Perennial used in herbal medicine for treatment of headaches, fever & epilepsy.
Polemonium caucasicum Polemoniaceae
Polygala myrtifolia Polygalaceae Cape Province,E.Southern Africa.Coastal dune bush,forest margins,often along streams.Widely cultivated as an ornamental.
Polygala virgata ( Polygalaceae) - SW.Cape Province of S.Africa.Leaves & stem used in traditional medicine. (photo) http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=56&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_1004232743
Pontederia cordata Pontederiaceae E North America and Caribbean
Pontederia lanceolata Pontederiaceae
Populus deltoides Salicaceae E. N.America .Grows in rich,moist soils,along riverbanks,woods.Bark contains salicine,component of aspirin & is used in anti-inflammatory treatment.
Prosopis juliflora Mimosaceae SW USA & Mexico. Long fruit pods edible & nutritous. A source of excellent honey.
Prostanthera behriana Labiatae S Australia.Erect shrub to 2m. One species of large genus of endemic Australian plants.
Protea cynaroides Proteaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Moist sandstone slopes.
Protea obtusifolia Proteaceae Cape Province.Coastal fynbos,dense stands on limestone hills & flats.Ornamental.
Protea susannae Proteaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Coastal flats & hills.
Prunella grandiflora Labiatae Europe except Portugal. Perennial. Grassland usually in calcareous soils. Ornamental.
Prunus avium Rosaceae Europe to Turkey, Caucasus & W Siberia. Progenitor of many cultivated sweet cherries.
Prunus campanulata Rosaceae S China, S Japan & Taiwan. Hill forests below 600m. Very ornamental.
Prunus divaricata Rosaceae Asia Minor & Caucasus
Prunus lyonii Rosaceae Dist: Evergreen shrub or small tree found on Catalina Island,
Prunus mahaleb (Rosaceae) - (photo)
Prunus prostrata Rosaceae
Prunus serrulata ( Rosaceae ) - (photo)
Prunus spinosa Rosaceae
Prunus ursina Rosaceae SW Asia. Maquis and open steppe forests. Scattered in N Israel
Psoralea pinnata Papilionaceae S.Africa - Cape Province.Leaflets aromatic when crushed.
Psyllostachys suworowii Plumbaginaceae C Asia, Iran and N Afghanistan
Pteris vittata Pteridaceae Old world and Australia. Very rare and endangered in Israel
Pterocarya fraxinifolia Juglandaceae Caucasus to Iran. Mountain enclaves of humid forest with Date Plum. Named for its double-winged Ash-like fruit.
Pterocephalus pulverulentus Dipsacaceae Saudi-Arabia to Israel and Jordan
Punica granatum Punicaceae Dist:Steppes from C.Asia to the Caucasus.Ancient crop around the Med.Basin
Pyracantha coccinea Rosaceae S. Europe to W.Asia
Pyrus amygdaliformis Rosaceae S.Europe,Asia Minor.Dry ,rocky,open habitats.The small hard fruits are inedible.
Pyrus boissierana Rosaceae
Pyrus bourgaeana Rosaceae W.Spain, Portugal & Morocco.
Pyrus communis Rosaceae
Pyrus elaeagrifolia Rosaceae
Pyrus korschinskyi (Rosaceae)- Turkestan. (photo)
Pyrus pyraster (Rosaceae) - (photo)
Pyrus salicifolia Rosaceae SE. Europe, Asia Minor & Caucasus.
Pyrus syriaca Rosaceae Cyprus, Turkey to Israel.Small,usually thorny,deciduous tree. In Israel grows in moist Med.woodland from Judean Hills to Galilee.Used as rootstock for cultivated pear.
Pyrus tadschikistanica Rosaceae