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Ocinum basilicum Lamiaceae Annual tropical herb. The leaves are used prolifically in cooking , especially in salads, pastas and sandwiches. Medicinally they are beneficial in treating the digestive and the nervous systems, headaches, wind and they are useful against caries. Externa
Oenothera speciosa Onagraceae USA. Ornamental, weedy
Olea africana Oleaceae Widespread in Cape Province,SW.S.Africa,E.Southern Africa.Woodland,stream banks,rocky slopes.Extensively used for furniture & ornaments.Grafts of the cultivated olive tree can be successfully grafted on to this closely related species.
Olea europea sylvatica Oleaceae W Mediterranean
Olearia axillaris Compositae
Olinia emarginata Oliniaceae
Oncidium "Barbie" Orchidaceae Tropical America. Belongs to the equitant oncidiums
Origamnus dictamnus Labiatae Crete. Water saving herb
Ornithogalum dubium hybrid Liliaceae S Africa. Cultivated in Israel
Ornithogalum nova Liliaceae S Africa
Orphium frutescens Gentianaceae W. Cape Province.Grows om coastal sands & pans.
Oryza sativa Gramineae SE Asia
Ostrya carpinifolia Corylaceae SE France to Turkey. Decidous forests, scrubs & open pine forests. Dry, stony limestone hills 50-1700m. Hard wood used for general carpentry.