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Narcissus bulbocodium Amaryllidaceae W Mediterranean
Narcissus moschatus Amaryllidaceae W Europe
Narcissus papyraceus Amaryllidaceae
Narcissus serotinus Amaryllidaceae Widespread around the Mediterranean.Rocky coasts.Rare & protected in Israel.
Narcissus tazetta Amaryllidaceae
Nelumbo nucifera Nymphaeaceae Tropical Asia to Japan and Australia.
Nepenthes hybrid Nepenthaceae Hybrid
Nerium oleander Apocynaceae Mediterranean
Nuxia floribunda Loganiaceae E. S.Africa.Evergreen montane forests & along high-lying rivers.Wood used in carpentry.Bark used medicinally.
Nylandtia spinosa Polygalaceae SW. S.Africa to E Cape Province.Sandy flats & slopes.
Nymania capensis Meliaceae SW.South Africa.Hot,semi-desert areas,often along watercourses.
Nymphaea alba Nymphaeaceae Europe to Caucasus. Almost extinct in Israel