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Macadamia tetraphylla Proteaceae E.Australia.Rainforests.Is popular because of the sweet ,edible kernels of its nuts.
Macfadyena unguis-cati Bignoniaceae C America to Argentina
Macrozamia lucida Zamiaceae Widespread in tropical Aust.Open forest,rainforest & margins.Species name derived from crown of shining leaves.
Magnolia grandiflora Magnoliaceae SE.USA. Coastal Plain,to 150m elev.Along streams & near swamps.Symbol of the Deep South.A valuable & extensively planted ornamental.Aromatic flowers.
Malus cerasifera Rosaceae NE Asia to N China. Also known as M. baccata var. mandschurica.Very early flowering & fruiting.
Malus cerasifolia Rosaceae NE Asia to N China. Also known as M. baccata var. mandschurica.Very early flowering & fruiting.
Malus kirghisorum Rosaceae
Malus orientalis Rosaceae Armenia.
Malus pallasiana Rosaceae NE Siberia.Mongolia,N.China.Most northerly flowering & hardiest crab apple.Used extensively in modern hybridization programs.
Malus sylvestris Rosaceae C.Europe.Fruit edible and also a source of pectin,used as thickener in jams & as a culture medium in laboratories.
Malus x scheidekeri Rosaceae Garden hybrid of two crabapples (from NE Asia & Japan).
Malus xpurpurea Rosaceae Garden hybrid.
Mandragora autumnalis Solanaceae
Matthiola bicornis Cruciferae Mediterranean
Maytenus boaria Celastraceae
Maytenus heterophylla Celastraceae SW Cape Province of S.Africa.
Medicago sativa Papilionaceae Originating in S Europe & W Asia. Widespread worldwide as fodder plant
Melaleuca acuminata Myrtaceae Widespread throughout Australia.Sand & loam soils.Often as understorey plant in mallee or woodland.
Melaleuca cardiophylla Myrtaceae SW. W.Australia.Occurs on a range of soils which are often alkaline.
Melaleuca cuticularis Myrtaceae SW. W.Australia.Saline depressions & swamps.
Melaleuca decussata Myrtaceae Southern Australia.Grows on rocky outcrops & sandy flats near streams.
Melaleuca diosmifolia Myrtaceae SW. W.Australia.Coastal habitat among granite rocks.Nectar feeding birds visit the flowers.
Melaleuca elliptica Myrtaceae Southern Australia. Grows in mallee scrubs.
Melaleuca gibbosa Myrtaceae E & S Australia.Grows in damp areas in heaths & open forests.
Melaleuca glaberrima Myrtaceae W.Australia.Sandy & loam soils often with a dry subsoil.Associated with other shrubs & mallee eucalypts.
Melaleuca halmaturorum Myrtaceae S Australia.Often grows in saline areas that are subject to flooding for extended periods.
Melaleuca huegelii Myrtaceae SW.W.Australia.Coastal limestone cliffs.Dwarf shrub to small tree.
Melaleuca incana Myrtaceae SW.W.Australia.Grows on wet,swampy areas of coast.
Melaleuca lanceolata Myrtaceae Southeastern Australia.Tall shrub or small tree ,a general component of open forest & shrubland.
Melaleuca lineariifolia Myrtaceae E Australia..Grows in low lying areas of open forests,around the margins of swamps & along streams.
Melaleuca megacephala Myrtaceae W.Australia.Small to medium shrub.Grows on sandplains.Species name derived from large prominent flowerheads.
Melaleuca nesophila Myrtaceae SW.W.Australia.Rare in nature.Coastal areas,offshore islands."Nesophila" means island loving;the species was first discovered on an island offshore from the WA mainland.
Melaleuca pentagona Myrtaceae
Melaleuca uncinata Myrtaceae All mainland states of Australia.Common name derived from practice of cutting stems for broom & fence making.
Melaleuca wilsonii Myrtaceae Southern Australia.Grows in mallee scrubs.Gravelly,sandy or clay soils
Melia azedarach Meliaceae Iran to China, Japan and Australia. Deciduous garden tree
Melissa officinalis Lamiaceae Europe and Asia
Mirabilis multiflora Nyctaginaceae S USA
Moraea polystachya Iridaceae S Africa
Morus rubra Moraceae E.,C.& SE USA.Hardy.Moist,well drained soils in forest.Planted for its fruit & as an ornamental.
Myoporum parvifolium Myoporaceae Australia
Myrica californica Myricaceae SW.N.America -Washington to California.Ocean sand dunes & moist hillsides near the coast.Candles & soap made from the wax covering the fruit.
Myrica cerifera Myricaceae SE. N.America.Thickets on sandy soil ,near swamps & marshes.Leaves & berries used as a food flavouring.Is a popular herbal remedy.
Myrica faya Myricaceae
Myrica gale Myricaceae
Myrica pennsylvanica Myricaceae E.N.America.Poor soils near the coast.Nitrogen fixing plant.Candles & soaps made from fruit wax.Tea made from leaves.
Myrica quercifolia Myricaceae W.S.Africa.Grows on sandflats & slopes.
Myrsine africana Myrsinaceae
Myrtus communis Myrtaceae