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Laburnum anagyroides Papilionaceae C.& S.Europe.Woodland & scrub,on limestone.Wood used for musical instruments & furniture.Often used as rootstock for other legumes.
Lachenalia mathewsii ( Liliaceae) - S Africa (photo)
Lactuca sativa Compositae Cultivated from the wild Prickly Lettuce
Lagunaria patersonii Malvaceae Norfolk Island,off coast of E.Aust. Widely cultivated along the coast throughout Aust. (photo)
Lapeirousia anceps Iridaceae S Africa
Lathyrus gloeospermus Papilionaceae E Mediterranean, rare and endangered in Israel
Lathyrus latifolius Papilionaceae
Lathyrus odoratus Papilionaceae Ornamental originating in Crete, Italy and Sicily
Laurentia axillaris Campanulaceae Australia
Laurus azorica Lauraceae Azores and Canary Islands
Laurus nobilis Lauraceae Mediterranean
Lavandula canariensis Labiatae
Lavandula multifida Labiatae
Lavandula stoechas Labiatae
Lavatera arborea ( Malvaceae) - (photo)
Lavatera maritima (Malvaceae ) - (photo)
Lavatera trimestris Malvaceae Mediterranean. Annual, common in Israel
Leucadendron laureolum Proteaceae
Leucadendron linifolium Proteaceae
Leucadendron salignum Proteaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Used in the local flower industry with many hybrids & cultivars.
Leucojum serotinum Amaryllidaceae W Mediterranean
Leucophyllum frutescens Scrophulariaceae S North America. Water saving, summer blooming ornamental
Leucospermum patersonii (Proteaceae) - S.Africa (photo)
Ligustrum tschonoskii Oleaceae Japan
Ligustrum vulgare Oleaceae Europe,N.Africa to W.Asia.Forest margins.Ornamental hedge shrub.Seeds dispersed by birds that feed on fruits.
Lilium candidum Liliaceae Rare along the mt ranges from Turkey to N.Israel.Rocks & cliffs.A sacred plant in Christian tradition.
Limonium globularifolium Plumbaginaceae Med.
Limonium gmelinii Plumbaginacedae E. Europe to Siberia.
Limonium peregrinum Plumbaginaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows in sandveld.
Linaria maroccana Scrophulariaceae N Africa. Annual ornamental
Lindera benzoin Lauraceae E.N.America.Damp woods.Young twigs,leaves & fruit are sometimes used to make tea.
Lippia citriodora Verbenaceae Perennial herb
Liquidambar orientalis Hamamelidaceae
Liquidambar styraciflua Hamamelidaceae E.& C. N.America.Broadleaf forests.Used for timber.Resinous gum used as a substitute for storax.Autumn foliage ornamental.
Liriodendron tulipifera Magnoliaceae E. N America. Deciduous forest tree.Used for manufacture of cabinets,veneer,furniture & paper pulp.Ornamental.Valuable nectar producer.
Livistona mariae Palmae Central Australia.A relict palm.Restricted to gorges, growing around permanent water..Aborigines once ate the central bud & young leaves.
Lobelia cardinalis Campanulaceae N.America
Lobelia siphilitica Campanulaceae E. USA.
Lomandra longifolia Xanthorrhoeaceae E.Australia
Lonicera caucasica Caprifoliaceae Caucasus, NE Anatolia & N Iran. Conifer & mixed broadleaf moist forests around 1000m. Deciduous shrub.
Lonicera etrusca ( Caprifoliaceae) - (photo) http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=59&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_0904224719
Lonicera hispida Caprifoliaceae Turkestan to W.China.Upright decidous shrub.
Lonicera iberica Caprifoliaceae C Asia and S Caucasus Mts
Lonicera korolkowii (Caprifoliaceae) - (photo)http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=60&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_0904224719
Lonicera mackii Caprifoliaceae Asia
Lonicera muscaviensis Caprifoliaceae Deciduous shrub,nursery hybrid ,developed in N.Czechoslovakia in the late 1800"s.
Lonicera sempervirens Caprifoliaceae
Lonicera X amoena ( Caprifoliaceae) Hybrid - (photo)
Lonicera x bella Caprifoliaceae Former USSR.Hybrid deciduous shrub
Lophostemon confertus Myrtaceae E.Australia.Widespread on the margins of rainforest & eucalypt forests along the coast & tablelands.Commonly cultivated in Australia as a street tree.
Lotus corniculatus Papillionaceae Europe & Asia, naturalised U.S.
Lupinus pilosus Papilionaceae Med. Ornamental annual. Protected in Israel. Cultivated in this garden
Lychnis flos-cuculi Caryophyllaceae Europe, Caucasus & Siberia. Damp woodland, meadows & marshes.
Lycium barbarum Solanaceae SE Europe to China. Decidous shrub. Used medicinally & a rich source of vitamins.
Lycium flexicaule Solanaceae
Lygos monosperma Papilionaceae
Lygos sphaerocarpa Papilionaceae