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Kennedia nigricans Papilionaceae SW. W.Australia.Sandy soils in woodland & heathland,usually near coast.
Kennedia rubicunda Papilionaceae E.Australia
Kiggelaria africana Flacourtiaceae E.southern Africa,Cape Province.Evergreen woodland,exposed rocky slopes,in deep rich soils near water.Wood used to make agricultural implements & furniture..
Kniphofia caulescens Liliaceae
Kniphofia ensifolia Liliaceae
Kniphofia linearifolia Liliaceae
Kniphofia rufa Liliaceae
Kniphofia snowdeni Liliaceae
Kniphofia uvaria Liliaceae SW.S.Africa.Seeps,marshes & streams on sandstone slopes,usually in peaty soils.Ornamental.
Koelreuteria paniculata Sapindaceae N .China & Korea. Decidous tree with large inflated papery fruit capsules.
Kunzea baxteri Myrtaceae