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Ilex aquifolium Aquifoliacae Europe to N Africa & W Asia. Deciduous temperate forest. Branches with berries are a traditional symbol of Xmas.
Ilex verticillata Aquifoliaceae
Impatiens grandis Balsaminaceae Sri Lanka. Introduced to Israel in this garden in 2001
Impatiens niamniamensis Balsaminaceae E tropical Africa. Inroduced to Israel in this garden.
Impatiens repens Balsaminaceae Sri Lanka, India
Iris atrofusca Iridaceae Steppes and semi-desert in Israel. Protected.
Iris bismarckiana Iridaceae N. Israel and S. Lebanon. Found first near Nazareth.
Iris fulva Iridaceae N America
Iris germanica Iridaceae The most common cultivated Iris. Originating in S Europe. Widely naturalized.
Iris haynei Iridaceae
Iris histrio Iridaceae N Israel (Upper Galilee, Golan & Hermon) to Turkey. Protected species.
Iris magnifica Iridaceae Russia
Iris mesopotamica Iridaceae E .Med. Planted by locals in cemeteries. Wild populations found in Mt Hermon.
Iris planifolia Iridaceae
Iris pseudocorus Iridaceae Europe, introduced to America. Very rare and endangered in Israel
Iris regelia Iridaceae
Iris reticulata Iridaceae Caucasus to Turkey
Iris schachtii Iridaceae Central Asia
Iris suaveolens Iridaceae SE Europe & NW Turkey.
Iris unguicularis Iridaceae
Iris vartanii Iridaceae Scattered in Israel, very rare in Jordan. Ptotected
Isomeris arborea Capparidaceae C.California to Baja California.Bluffs & hillsides in coastal regions.Drought resistant flowering shrub.
Isoplexis canariensis Scrophulariaceae Canary Islands.
Isopogon dawsonii Proteaceae E.Australia
Ixia scillaris Iridaceae Cape Province in South Africa. Sand & clay flats & slopes.
Ixia viridiflora Iridaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows on lower mt.slopes