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Haemanthus albiflos Amaryllidaceae South Africa. Evergreen bulb.
Haemanthus coccineus Amaryllidaceae South Africa
Hakea bakeriana Proteaceae E.Australia
Hakea carinata Proteaceae S.Australia.
Hakea laurina Proteaceae SW. W.Australia.Heathland & shrubland.A haven for nectar feeding birds and bees.
Hakea microcarpa Proteaceae E.Australia
Hakea muelleriana Proteaceae S.Australia.

Hakea multilineata ( Proteaceae) - SW. W.Australia http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_2511000651.phtml?pix=1&p_ident=lalbum_2511000651.p_2611105105

Hakea orthorrhyncha (Proteaceae) - W.Australia.Sandplains.Fruit with a swollen base,tapering to a long pointed beak,hence its common name.

Hakea scoparia Proteaceae W.Australia

Hakea sericea ( Proteaceae) - E.Australia

Hakea teretifolia Proteaceae Southeastern Australia,common species of damp heathland.

Hakea verrucosa ( Proteaceae) - SW.W.Australia.Sandy loam,gravelly soils.Flowerheads change colour as they mature.

Halimodendron halodendron ( Papilionaceae) - Europe, Turkey, to C & SW Asia. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_2511000651.phtml?pix=8&p_ident=lalbum_2511000651.p_2611105105

Halleria lucida Scrophulariaceae E.Southern Africa,Cape Province.Forest & grassland,along streams.The Zulus call it "birds" beer" with the nectar laden flowers attracting birds.
Hardenbergia comptoniana Papilionaceae SW. W.Australia.Forests and bushland.Outstanding climber of Jarrah & Karri forests.Ornamental.
Hedera helix Araliaceae Europe, reaches its S range in Israel
Heliconia vellerigera Heliconiaceae Colomb,Ecuad,Peru. Introduced to Israel in this garden
Hermania stricta Sterculiaceae S Africa
Hermodactylus tuberosus Iridaceae Crete to Turkey
Hesperaloe parviflora Liliaceae :Native to Texas.Ornamental perennial.
Hesperantha cucullata Iridaceae SW.S.Africa
Hesperantha vaginata Iridaceae SW.S.Africa.Grows on heavy,clay soils.

Heteromeles arbutifolia ( Rosaceae) - California.chaparral & foothill woodland.West Coast tribes gathered the berries for food & medicinal uses.Hollywood may have derived its name from the display of toyon on the surrounding foothills.Ornamental. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_2511000651.phtml?pix=16&p_ident=lalbum_2511000651.p_2611105105

Heteromorpha arborescens ( Apiaceae ) - South Africa http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_2511000651.phtml?pix=17&p_ident=lalbum_2511000651.p_2611105105

Hibbertia cuneiformis Dilleniaceae SW Australia.Grows in coastal districts.Also common in Karri forests.
Hibiscus coccineus Malvaceae
Hibiscus moscheutos Malvaceae S N.America.Saline marshes & lake shores.Ornamental, with many developed cultivars.
Hibiscus pedunculatus Malvaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows in coastal forest.
Hibiscus trionum Malvaceae Tropics. Found also in fields in Israel
Hippoestes aristata Acanthaceae South Africa
Homeria collina Iridaceae Cape province in S Africa
Homeria comptonii Iridaceae SW.Cape Province of S.Africa.Grows on dry slopes.
Humulus lupulus Cannabaceae N.temperate regions.Cultivated, seed heads have medicinal qualities & also used as flavoring & preservative in beer
Hyacinthus orientalis Liliaceae C & S Turkey, NW Syria, Lebanon & N Israel. Ornamental, essential flower oil used in perfumery. Protected in Israel

Hymenosporum flavum (Pittosporaceae) - E.Australia.Open forests along stream banks & in coastal rainforest. http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_2511000651.phtml?pix=36&p_ident=lalbum_2511000651.p_2611105105

Hypericum calycinum Hypericaceae SE Europe & Turkey. Deciduous forests, by springs & streams. Ornamental ground cover.
Hypericum canariense Hypericaceae
Hypericum loepericum Hypericaceae
Hypericum perforatum Guttiferae Europe to China & N Africa. Used in herbal medicine, recently found usefull in treatment of nervous disorders.