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Fagus sylvatica Fagaceae Europe.Genus name derived from Greek, meaning "to eat". During hunger nuts were grounded into flour. Valuable source of timber & a traditional medicine ingredient.

Felicia amelloides Compositae Cape Province,S.Africa

Ferraria uncinata Iridaceae South Africa. Flowers bad scented, attracting flies, mimicking asclepiad flowers

Ficus capensis Moraceae C to S Africa

Ficus carica Moraceae W.Asia - Caucasian Mts. to Arabian deserts.The first fruit tree mentioned in the Bible.One of the Seven species of the Land of Israel.

Ficus ingens Moraceae E.Southern Africa,Tropical Africa.Bushveld,grassland-in frost protected sites.Leaves are toxic to livestock,causing nervous disorders.Figs eaten by birds,monkeys & baboons.

Ficus salicifolia Moraceae Tropical Africa.Bushveld,rocky hills & ravines, along streams.Leaves are toxic,causing disorders & even death in cattle.

Flindersia australis Rutaceae Northeastern Australia.Rainforests along the coast.Valued as a timber,especially for flooring.

Fontanesia phillyreoides Oleaceae China

Forsythia europaea Oleaceae SE.Europe (Albania,Kosovo).In winter flower display on bare branches.

Fraxinus americana Oleaceae E North America.Deciduous tree .Rich woodland on well-drained soils.One of the most valuable of the NA. timbers..

Fraxinus latifolia Oleaceae W.USA.Mts. from Washington to California.

Fraxinus ornus Oleaceae S Europe& Turkey. Aromatic white flowers unique for ash species. Autumn foliage.

Fraxinus oxycarpa Oleaceae S.Europe,N.Africa

Fraxinus oxyphylla Oleaceae S.Europe,N.Africa

Fraxinus profunda Oleaceae Dist:E.USA.Swamps & inundated river bottoms.

Fraxinus syriaca Oleaceae E.Mediterranean & SW. Asia.Rare plant in Israel.Along streams.

Fraxinus uhdei Oleaceae C.America.Grows in dry areas.

Fraxinus velutina Oleaceae SW. USA, N.Mexico.Grows in dry areas & desert canyons.

Freesia corymbosa Iridaceae S Africa. Winter blooming bulb. Flowers scented

Fritillaria persica Liliaceae Israel to Turkey and Iran. Flowers pending, protecting pollen from rain. Protected plant in Israel.