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Ebenus creticus Papilionaceae Endemic to Crete.Rocky habitats,cliffs & dry slopes.
Echinacea angustifolia Compositae E.USA

Echinacea pallida Compositae E USA

Echinacea purpurea Compositae N.America.Dry open woods & prairies.Has a general stimulatory effect on the immune system & is widely used in modern herbal treatments.

Echium webbi Boraginaceae Canary Islands

Elaeagnus angustifolia Elaeagnaceae W Asia. Rare and random in Israel

Elaeodendron capense Celastraceae E.Southern Africa.Margins of evergreen forest,in wooded ravines & valleys.0-900m.

Elegia capensis Restionaceae Cape Province,S.Africa.Grows by streams.

Encephalartos transvenosus Zamiaceae NE.Southern Afica.Forest margins & in bushveld,on rocky hillsides.The fleshy outer layer of the seeds is eaten by children.

Eremophila alternifolia Myoporaceae Central Australia

Eremophila bignoniiflora Myoporaceae Inland Australia ,on riverflats and creek banks in open woodland.Flowers similar to those of the genus Bignonia.

Eremophila divaricata Myoporaceae Eastern & southern states of Australia

Eremophila glabra (Myoporaceae) - Australia

Eremophila laanii Myoporaceae Australia

Eremophila lehmanniana Myoporaceae Australia

Eremophila maculata Myoporaceae Australia

Eremophila youngii (Myoporaceae) - Deserts of W.Australia

Eremostachys laciniata Labiatae E.Med. & W & C Asia. Semi-steppe perennial with woolly flowers.

Erica arborea Ericaceae SW Europe,Mediterranean,N.Africa

Erica chloroloma Ericaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Coastal limestone.

Erica glandulosa Ericaceae S.Africa

Erica patersonia Ericaceae S.Africa

Erica scoparia Ericaceae SW France,Spain,N.Africa,Canary Islands

Eriocephalus africanus ( Compositae) - Cape Province,SW.Africa.Kapok means snow in Africaans,referring to the fluffy seed heads. A tea is made from the leaves & the plant is used traditionally as a medicine.

Eriogonum arborescens Polygonaceae Endemic to California.Chaparral & coastal sage scrub.

Eriolobus trilobatus Rosaceae Mediterranean

Eryngium yuccifolium Umbelliferae USA

Erythrina herbacea (Papilionaceae) - Mexico

Erythrina lysistemon Papilionaceae E.southern Africa.Bushveld,coastal scrub.Seeds contain toxic alkaloids & anti bloodclotting substances used in the treatment of thromboses.

Erythrina vespertilio Papilionaceae Widespread in Australia.Open forests,rainforests and open country.Genus refers to the red coloured flowers ,whilst the species name refers to the bat shaped leaves.

Erythrophysa transvaalensis Sapindaceae C.Southern Africa.Bushveld,on rocky ridges.The seeds are used as beads.

Eucalyptus caesia ssp. magna Myrtaceae Australia

Eucalyptus calophylla Myrtaceae SW.Australia

Eucalyptus calycogona (Myrtaceae) - Widespread species occurring in semi arid regions of Ausralia.Sandy or gravelly loams.Useful for honey production.

Eucalyptus camaldulensis Myrtaceae Widespread in Australia.Can grow in areas of 300mm av. annual rainfall.Buds have characteristic beak shape.This species was used to drain the swamps in Hadera.

Eucalyptus campaspe Myrtaceae W.Australia

Eucalyptus citriodora Myrtaceae Northeast Australia.Open forests and plateaus of coastal sub tropical regions with av. annual rainfall 500-1000mm.The strong lemon fragrance in the leaves is caused by the essential oil citronellal which is used to make perfumes & menthol.

Eucalyptus corrugata Myrtaceae West Australia

Eucalyptus diversicolor Myrtaceae West Australia

Eucalyptus diversifolia Myrtaceae West Australia

Eucalyptus eremophila Myrtaceae West Australia

Eucalyptus erythrocorys (Myrtaceae) - W.Australia.Mallee to 6m ht.The cover of the bud is red ,hence its" species name.Rich in nectar. (

Eucalyptus gracilis Myrtaceae Australia

Eucalyptus grandis Myrtaceae Australia

Eucalyptus grossa Myrtaceae W.Australia.A small bushy mallee to 3m .On clay soils.The buds and fruit are thick and succulent,hence the species name.Used ornamentally.

Eucalyptus gunnii Myrtaceae Tasmania,Australia

Eucalyptus incrassata Myrtaceae Australia

Eucalyptus jacksonii Myrtaceae SW W.Australia.Valuable timber tree.Useful for honey production.

Eucalyptus kruseana Myrtaceae W.Australia.Small shrub or mallee to 4m.from arid region with av.annual rainfall 200mm.Cultivated for decorative branches and foliage.

Eucalyptus lansdowneana Myrtaceae S.Australia

Eucalyptus oldfieldii Myrtaceae SW W.Australia.Medium to tall mallee shrub or small tree ,3-8m.Plants are valued for honey production.

Eucalyptus oleosa Myrtaceae S.Australia

Eucalyptus populnea - Myrtaceae E.Australia.Open woodlands of flat inland areas with av.annual rainfallof 450mm.

Eucalyptus porosa Myrtaceae Southern Australia.A spreading mallee or tree on gentle slopes & along drainage channels.Grows in a wide range of soils.Plants valued for apiary.

Eucalyptus preissiana Myrtaceae SW.Australia.Grows on poor soils-sand,clay.Av.annual rainfal 430mm.Used in flower arrangements.

Eucalyptus pruinosa Myrtaceae N.Australia.A small tree to 7m.ht.Sandy or clay soils in areas with av. annual rainfall less than 350mm.Tree used for honey production and foliage used for decoratiion.

Eucalyptus pyriformis Myrtaceae SW W.Australia.Heathland on the sandplains.Useful for honey production. Outstanding ornamental.

Eucalyptus rudis Myrtaceae W.Australia

Eucalyptus spathulata Myrtaceae W.Australia

Eucalyptus tetragona Myrtaceae W.Australia

Eucalyptus torquata - Myrtaceae W.Australia

Eucalyptus torrelliana Myrtaceae NE Australia.Moist forests,rainforest margins.Flowers attract nectar eating birds.
Eucalyptus viminalis Myrtaceae Australia

Eucalyptus wandoo - Myrtaceae SW.Australia.Semi arid areas with av. annual rainfall between 350-500mm.

Eucalyptus woodwardii Myrtaceae SW.Australia.Small tree to 9m ht.Sandy & clay soils.From arid region with av, annual rainfall of 200mm.Good honey tree.SW.Australia

Euclea divinorum Ebenaceae E.southern Africa,Tropical Africa.Bushveld,brackish floodplains,river banks,terrmitaria.Fruit & root used medicinally & in ink & dye production.

Eucomis undulata - Liliaceae S Africa

Euonymus europaeus Celastraceae Europe to Anatolia & Caucasus. Woodland & scrub, usually on limestone soils. Yellow hard wood was used in Europe for spindles. Extracted oil used in soap making.

Eupatorium cannabinum Compositae Common in wet places throughout Europe,reaches its southern range in Israel. Ornamental plant,also used in homeopathy.

Eupatorium maculatum Compositae E.- C. USA

Euphorbia amygdaloides Euphorbiaceae Europe,SW. Asia.

Euphorbia balsamifera Euphorbiaceae Northwest Africa ,Canary Islands

Euphorbia canariensis Euphorbiaceae Canary Island

Euphorbia dendroides (Euphorbiaceae) - Mediterranean. Very rare in Mt Carmel

Euphorbia mauritanica Euphorbiaceae SW.& S.Cape Province of S.Africa.Often grows on rocky outcrops.

Euphorbia obtusifolia Euphorbiaceae Canary Island,Morocco

Euryale ferox Nymphaeaceae N India to China & Japan. Cultivated in ancient times for its edible rhizomes and seed

Euryops multifidus Compositae SW.& S.Cape Province of S.Africa.

Euryops pectinatus Compositae Cape Province,S.Africa.Rocky,san
stone slopes.Ornamental.

Euryops speciosissimus ( Compositae) - South Africa - N Cape. Rocky, sandstone slopes.

Exochorda korolkowii Rosaceae C Asia