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Dais cotinifolia ( Thymelaeaceae) - E. Southern Africa.Evergreen,riverine & scrub forest,rocky mt. slopes.Genus name refers to torch like shape of flower stalks & bracts .Bark can be stripped & plaited into a good quality rope.

Dasylirion wheeleri Agavaceae Deserts of SW North America: Ariz.to Texas & Mexico. Indians prepared food from plant crown. Pith from the trunk was used to make an alcoholic drink.

Daubenya aurea Liliaceae S Africa. The flower is actually an inflorescence, composed of many flowers

Dendrobium parishii Orchidaceae Burma & Thailand. Very fragrant

Dianthus anatolicus Caryophyllaceae Turkey, cultivated successfully in the Jerusalem Botanical gardens

Didelta carnosa Compositae Cape Province to SW.S.Africa.Coastal dunes & sandy flats.

Dietes bicolor Iridaceae S.Africa

Digitalis purpurea Scrophulariaceae European perennial plant. The leaves contain glycosides, which are important for treating heart diseases, especially cases of arrhythmia. Ornamental.

Dimorphotheca nudicaulis Compositae Cape Province,S.Africa

Dimorphotheca sinuata Compositae S.Africa

Diospyros lycioides Ebenaceae Trop.Africa,E.S. Africa.Open grassland,wooded rocky slopes,riverbanks.Fruit edible & the roasted seeds can be used as a coffee substitute.

Diospyros virginiana - Ebenaceae E.& SE.USA.Deciduous tree of woodlands,streams,swamp margins.A valuable wood,used for turnery, wooden ware.Hardy ornamental with autumn leaf colour display.

Dipsacus laciniatus - Dipsacaceae Europe & W Asia. Very rare and random in Israel

Dodonaea lobulata Sapindaceae Australia.Semi arid regions,on rocky hills,slopes and ridges.

Dombeya burgessiae Sterculiaceae E.Southern Africa.Forest margins & in rocky places in high- rainfall regions.The bark is used for fibre.An attractive garden plant.

Dombeya kirkii Sterculiaceae E.Southern Africa,Tropical Africa.Low-altitude bushveld,usually in riverine thicket.

Dovyalis caffra (Flacourtiaceae) - E.Southern Africa.Coastal forest,bushveld & riverine thicket.Fruit is edible & makes excellent jam & jelly.
Dracaena draco Agavaceae Canary Islands.