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Banksia attenuata Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia baxteri Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia ericifolia Proteaceae East Australia
Banksia hookeriana Proteaceae W Australia. Open thickets, in sandy soil of the central coast with annual rainfall 600mm.
Banksia integrifolia ( Proteaceae) - Widespread in eastern Australia & Tasmania. Coastal areas and adjacent tablelands, on poor soils. Annual rainfall range 800-1200mm. (photo)
Banksia lehmanniana Proteaceae West Australia
Banksia littoralis Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia marginata Proteaceae SE. Australia
Banksia media Proteaceae W. Australia
Banksia occidentalis Proteaceae East Australia
Banksia ornata ( Proteaceae) - Southeast Australia
Banksia petiolaris ( Proteaceae) - Southwest Australia (photo)
Banksia praemorsa Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia prionotes Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia repens Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia serrata Proteaceae East Australia
Banksia speciosa Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Banksia sphaerocarpa Proteaceae Southwest Australia
Barleria obtusa ( Acanthaceae) - Subtropical E South Africa. Hills & forest margins. Leaves browsed by buck. (photo)
Bauhinia galpinii Caesalpiniaceae E South Africa. Bushveld & thicket. Rocky areas or near streams. Branches used for baskets & roof trusses
Bauhinia tomentosa Caesalpiniaceae Tropical Africa and Asia
Bellis perennis Compositae Perennial ornamental. Europe to W Asia. Reaches its s range in Israel. Medicinal.
Beloperone californica (Acanthaceae) - California. (photo)
Bencomia brachystachya Rosaceae Canary Island
Bencomia caudata Rosaceae Canary Islands.Forest cliffs 600-1500m.
Berberis amurensis (Berberidaceae) - Korea and Manchuria. Thickets, woodland margins & streambanks. Berberine present in rhizomes of Berberis species has antibacterial effects. (photo)http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=14&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_0904224719
Berberis fremontii Berberidaceae California. Chapparal & woodland
Berberis haematocarpa Berberidaceae SW USA
Berberis heteropoda Berberidaceae Turkestan. Early summer flowering deciduous shrub.
Berberis nevinii Berberidaceae Coastal California. Riparian habitats.Endangered species.
Berberis nummularia Berberidaceae Turkestan & N Iran.Decidous shrub.
Berberis oblonga ( Berberidaceae) - Turkestan (photo)http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=15&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_0904224719
Berberis turcomanica Berberidaceae Turkestan, N. Iran & Armenia.
Berberis wilsoniae Berberidaceae E Asia to W China. Deciduous shrub. Attractive red fruit. Yellow dye obtained from root.
Betula papyrifera Betulaceae N USA, Canada & Greenland. Wood used for veneer & plywood. Sap used medicinally. Indians used bark for baskets & canoes. Ornamental.
Betula pendula (Betulaceae) - C.Europe to E.Turkey. Open woodlands & heath. Leaves,inner bark & sap used in medicine. (photo)http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=19&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_2904092643
Betula platyphylla Betulaceae Japan. Deciduous tree. Attractive autumn foliage.
Betula populifolia Betulaceae E North America
Betula pubescens Betulaceae C.Europe to W.Siberia,reaching northern limit of trees range.Used for furniture.Bark tar used for preserving leather & wood.
Bilacunaria boissieri (Umbelliferae) - E.Mediterranean (photo)http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=16&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_0904224719
Bituminaria bituminosa - Papilionaceae Common thoughout E.Med.Stony slopes or near water. (photo)
Bolusanthus speciosus Papilionaceae E South Africa. Woodland & wooded grassland. Root & bark used medicinally.
Brachychiton australis Sterculiaceae Dry areas of N.Queensland. Useful small ornamental tree for hot, dry climate areas.
Brachychiton bidwillii - Sterculiaceae Tropical E Australia. Scrub & rainforest. Flowers scarlet red, fruit large (photo)
Brachychiton discolor Sterculiaceae Tropical E Australia: coastal scrub & rainforest. Widely cultivated.
Brachylaena discolor (photo) http://cityblumen.sitecity.ru/lalbum_0904224506.phtml?pix=18&p_ident=lalbum_0904224506.p_0904224719
Brassica chinensis Cruciferae China
Brunfelsia americana - Solanaceae West Indies (photo)
Buckinghamia celsissima Proteaceae Tropical Australia
Buddleja globosa Loganiaceae Woodlands in Argentina, Chile & Peru. Semi evergreen shrub, to 2000m.
Buddleja saligna Loganiaceae S Africa: Cape Province. Margins of wooded areas & exposed, rocky slopes. Used for nectar in bee apiary.
Bulbinella latifolia Liliaceae SW South Africa. Seasonally damp sandstone or granite.
Bupleurum fruticosum Umbelliferae W.& C.Med.Scrub,rocky places,usually on calcareous soils.One of the largest species in this genus.Unlike most members of the carrot family this plant has undivided leaves.
Bupleurum salicifolium Umbelliferae Canary Islands.Forest cliffs to 1000m.
Bursaria incana ( Pittosporaceae) - Australia. Open woodland & dry scrub. "Bursa" in Latin alludes to purse like fruits. Flowers showy Bursaria spinosa Pittosporaceae Australia
Buxus sempervirens Buxaceae S.Europe,W.Asia,N.Africa.Grown in gardens since medieval times,often for hedging & topiary