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Abies pinsapo Pinaceae S.Spain.Mountains.

Acacia albida Mimosaceae S.Africa & Trop.Africa, disjunct populations occur in Israel. Bushveld on alluvial floodplains,riverbanks & swamps. Pods eaten by stock. Bark used medicinally.

Acacia cavenia (Mimosaceae) - S. America

Acacia decurrens (Mimosaceae ) - E Australia

Acacia elata Mimosaceae E Australia

Acacia farnesiana Mimosaceae Probably native to Tropical America, naturalized & cultivated worldwide. Essential flower oil used extensively in European perfumery.

Acacia fimbriata (Mimosaceae) - E Australia

Acacia floribunda ( Mimosaceae) - E Australia. Species name derived from abundant flowers.Widely cultivated ornamental.

Acacia gerrardii Mimosaceae East S.Africa,Tropical Africa & Arabia.Desert & Savanna.In Israel found in the S.Negev.Bark used medicinally & to make twine.

Acacia glaucoptera (Mimosaceae) - SW Australia. Heath & Mallee scrub. Species name derived from the thick, blue-green flattened stems forming alternate wings,that take the place of true leaves .

Acacia howitii Mimosaceae Victoria,Australia

Acacia imbricata Mimosaceae South Australia

Acacia karroo (Mimosaceae) - S.Africa.Savanna & coastal dunes.Bark used in tanning,rope making & production of edible gum.The root is used in traditional medicine.

Acacia lasiocarpa Mimosaceae South West Australia

Acacia melanoxylon Mimosaceae Australia

Acacia pravissima (Mimosaceae) - E Australia.

Acacia pendula (Mimosaceae) - E Australia. Rich soils in semi-arid areas: shrublands, grasslands & low open woodlands. Attractive timber, drought resistant ornamental.

Acacia robusta Mimosaceae E.Africa.Bushveld & grassland

Acacia sieberiana (Mimosaceae) - E South Africa. Open scrub, grassland & along rivers. Pods eaten by stock & game.

Acacia xanthophloea Mimosaceae E.Southern Africa.Open scrub,river banks & low lying swamp areas which are an ideal breeding ground for malarial mosquitoes,hence the common name.

Acalypha hispida Euphorbiaceae New Guinea, Malaya. Dioeceous, only female plants were found

Acer campestre ( Aceraceae) - C.Europe to NW.Africa and the Caucasus.The commonest European maple.Deciduous forests & shrub thickets,300-1800m.

Acer cappadocium Aceraceae Turkey & the Caucasus to Himalayas. Damp mixed forests 0 - 1700m.

Acer ginnala ( Aceraceae) - China,Japan.Deciduous woodland.Young leaves used as a tea substitute.Dyes obtained from the dried leaves.
Acer granatense Aceraceae S.Spain,Majorca.Mountain regions.

Acer monspessulanum ( Aceraceae) - S.& C.Europe, NW.Africa & SW.Anatolia.Forests of cedars, junipers & oaks.

Acer negundo (Aceraceae) - E USA. Deciduous forests along lakes & streams. Common name from use of wood for boxes

Acer obtusifolium Aceraceae E. Med. scrub. Found in the Galilee and Mt Hermon.

Acer opalus Aceraceae S Europe. Moist oak and beech forests.

Acer pensylvanicum Aceraceae NE USA & SE Canada. Moist deciduous forests. Used for cabinet making.

Acer pseudoplatanus ( Aceraceae ) - S.& C.Europe to Caucasus.Used for furniture.Common name refers also to the unrelated fig which also has large palmate leaves.

Acer saccharinum ( Aceraceae) - Midwest and NE USA. Riverbanks,lake edges & wet bottomlands. Valued timber tree

Acer saccharum Aceraceae Deciduous wet forests in Midwest & NE USA. The primary source of maple sugar & syrup.

Acer semenovii Aceraceae Turkmenistan. Steppe open forests in valleys & gravelly mt. slopes, 700-3000 m.

Acer turkestanicum Aceraceae Afghanistan,Turkestan: Tien Shan & Pamir Alai ranges. Deciduous tree of mountain forests. 950-2700m.

Achillea coarctata (Compositae Balkans

Achillea millefolium (Compositae)

Acmena smithii (Myrtaceae) - E Australia. Coastal scrub & rainforest, to 1200m. Fruit used for jams & drinks. Attracts fruit eating birds and nectar feeders such as honeyeaters.

Actinostrobus pyramidalis Cupressaceae Sandy soils of SW West Australia.

Adenanthos sp. Proteaceae Endemic genus, mostly confined to SW corner of West Australia. Sandy to rocky places. Common names derived from description of flower shape & hairy foliage.

Aechmea fasciata ( Bromeliaceae) - Brazil. Common house plant

Aegilops sharonensis Gramineae Endemic to the Coastal Plain of Israel
Aesculus californica Hippocastanaceae Californian woodlands. Summer- deciduous tree. Indians placed toxic seeds in streams to stupefy fish for easy capture

Aesculus hippocastanum (Hippocastanaceae ) - Balkan to Himalaya.Ornamental grown for winter buds,large leaves & striking flowers.Shiny brown seeds are the conkers prized by children.

Aesculus indica (Hippocastanaceae) - Temperate deciduous forests on the Himalayan foothills, up to 3000m. Seed oil applied externally in the treatment of rheumatism.

Aesculus x carnea (Hippocastanaceae) - A cultivated hybrid of two Horsechestnuts from Europe & SE North America

Agapanthus africanus Liliaceae S. Africa. Rocky ,sandstone slopes of the southern Cape. Ornamental.

Agathosma ciliaris Rutaceae Cape Peninsula of S.Africa.Coastal flats & lower sandstone slopes.

Agonis flexuosa Myrtaceae SW West Australia. Coastal forests and woodland. Widely cultivated as an ornamental. Leaves aromatic.

Agrostemma githago Caryophyllaceae Mediterranean, penetrating to Europe in agricultural fields. Almost extinct in Israel

Albizia harveyi (Mimosaceae) - Tropical Africa. Low altitude woodland.

Albizzia julibrissin Mimosaceae NE.Turkey,N.Iran,Himalaya & China.0-2100m. Dominates S.Caspian Coastal Plain, in warm,moist forest. Common name derived from the silk-like stamens.

Alcea rosea Malvaceae Balkans. Ornamental.

Alectryon tomentosum ( Sapindaceae) - E. states of Australia. Rainforest & coastal scrub.Ornamental.

Alisma ranunculoides Alismataceae N America, Europe & Asia. Water plant

Allium phanerantherum Liliaceae Israel to Iran.

Allium schubertii Liliaceae Israel to S Turkey & Lybia. Rare in Israel. Ornamental

Allium tardiflorum Liliaceae Endemic to Mt Carmel

Alnus glutinosa Betulaceae Europe to Caucasus, Siberia & N Africa. Moist woods.
Cultivated for timber. Bark & leaves used in herbal medicine.

Alnus rubra Betulaceae Alaska to California. Moist,rich soiled woodland. 0- 600m. Indians used bark in traditional medicine.

Aloe dichotoma Liliaceae W S.Africa.Desert & semi-desert- rocky ridges.The soft branches were once used as quivers for arrows.

Aloe ferox ( Liliaceae) - Cape Province,S.Africa. Leaf sap is harvested commercially for pharmaceutical preparations.

Aloe marlothii Liliaceae Bophuthatswana

Aloe mitriformis Liliaceae SW.Cape of S.Africa.Most typical of the creeping aloes occuring in flat,rocky places.

Aloe vera Liliaceae Middle East & Canary Isles, naturalized elsewhere. Aloe gel, formed from fleshy inner part of leaves, is used in health, cosmetics & food (tonics) industries.

Alyogyne hakeifolia Malvaceae Dry areas of S & W Australia. Ornamental.

Alyogyne hugelii (Malvaceae) - S & W Australia. Rocky hillsides and gorges. Ornamental.

Amaryllis belladonna (Amaryllidaceae) - S Africa: rocky habitats in SW & S.Cape. Blooming without leaves in late summer and autumn, hence its common name. Ornamental bulb.

Amygdalus bucharica Rosaceae Tadzhikistan & Uzbekistan. Stony slopes and sandy areas. 1000-1800m. Fruit used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Amygdalus communis Rosaceae Med. Mountain scrub. Early flowering, deciduous. Cultivated in ancient times.

Amygdalus lederbouriana Rosaceae C.Asia.

Amygdalus spinosissima ( Rosaceae) - Turkey to Iran & Transcaspia. Dry, warm sandy, clayish slopes, 300-1800m.

Amygdalus webbii Rosaceae Med. from Sicily to Turkey. The western most almond species.

Anacamptis pyramidalis Orchidaceae Med.woodland

Anacyclus radiatus Compositae W.& C.Med.Rare in Israel.

Anagyris foetida Papilionaceae Med.& SW Asia.Scrub,dry calcareous soils.Summer decidous shrub,with evil smelling flowers in winter.

Anagyris latifolia (Papilionaceae) - Canary Islands. Rare in the wild but of garden merit.

Anarrhinum bellidifolium Scrophulariaceae SW Europe
Anchusa capensis Boraginaceae SW.S.Africa.Drier regions.Sandy flats,often on disturbed sites .

Anchusa officinalis Boraginaceae Europe

Anemone coronaria ( Ranunculaceae) - Mediterannean

Anemopsis californica Saururaceae California. Valley grassland & desert oases. Root used by Indians as medicine

Angophora cordifolia Myrtaceae E.Australia

Anisodontea capensis Malvaceae Cape Province of S.Africa.Arid,upper slopes.

Anthurium bakeri Araceae Guatalama to Colombia

Anthyllis barba-jovis Papilionaceae E.Spain to Greece,Crete & NW Africa.Shrub of rocky,coastal habitats.

Apollonias barbujana Lauraceae Canary Islands.Forest zone & on cliffs.

Aponogeton distachys Aponogetonaceae South Africa

Aralia spinosa Araliaceae E North America. Woodland & savannahs. Bark, roots & berries used medicinally by Indians & European settlers

Araucaria cunninghamii (Araucariaceae) - E.Australia (photo)Arbutus andrachne Ericaceae E.Med.(Israel to Crete).Common in evergreen forest, 500-1200m.Autumn flowering tree with edible fruit.

Arbutus andrachne ( Ericaceae)

Arbutus canariensis Ericaceae Laurel & pine forests of the Canary Islands.

Arbutus glandulosa ( Ericaceae) -

Arbutus texana Ericaceae Texas, New Mexico, Mexico & Guatemala. Wooded canyons & dry creekbeds in desert mts. Astringent leaves used medicinally.Ornamental.

Arbutus unedo (Ericaceae) - S.Europe,SW. Ireland,Asia Minor.Evergreen woodland,rocky hillsides.

Arbutus xalapensis Ericaceae SW USA to Mexico. Drier oak forests, to 3000m.

Arctotis acaulis Compositae Cape Province of S Africa.Clay,granite flats & limestone.

Arctotis stoechadifolia Compositae South Africa

Argemone "Purity" Papaveraceae

Argyranthemum broussonetii Compositae Canary Islands

Argyranthemum teneriffae Compositae Canary Islands

Aristolochia brasiliensis Aristolochiaceae Brazil

Aronia arbutifolia Rosaceae E North America. Low woods, thickets & swamps.
Ornamental cultivars known for their autumn foliage colour

Aronia melanocarpa Rosaceae E North America. Swamps & woodlands. Fruit is a source of pectin, used to thicken jams & as a culture medium in labs

Artemesia arborescens Compositae E.Med.to S.Italy & Corsica.

Artemesia canariensis Compositae Canary Islands.Frequent shrub in dry lower zone,50-700m.Canary Islands

Artemesia ludoviciana Compositae W. U.S.A., Mexico

Artemesia thuscula Compositae

Artemisia absinthium Compositae Eurasia, N. Africa

Artemisia argentea Compositae Mediterranean

Artemisia gmelinii Compositae S.Russia to Siberia & NE Asia.

Arytera divaricata Sapindaceae SE Australia . Coastal rainforest. Flushes of new growth very decorative.

Asparagus densiflorus Asparagaceae E South Africa

Asparagus scoparius Liliaceae Canary Islands.Common in lower zone to 700m.

Asparagus virgatus Liliaceae S. Africa

Atraphaxis spinosa Polygonaceae SE Europe to W Asia (inc. Mt Hermon in Israel). Tragacanthic mt vegetation.Manna like substance eaten as a food or used in making sweetmeats.

Atriplex nummularia Chenopodiaceae Australia
Avena sativa Gramineae Oats are manufactured from this plant

Aloe africana (Liliaceae) - S.Africa

Aloe arborescens (Liliaceae) )

Acacia iteaphylla ( Mimosaceae )